Stick Season

Blazer: Goodwill, V- neck Tee: Target, Skirt: Forever 21, Tights: TJ Maxx, Boots: Old Navy, Bangles: Gifted, Skull Ring: Downtown ThreadsBurlington’s landscape has been pretty dreary making early morning wake ups that much more impossible. Stick season is upon us everything is grey. Stick season is that month long window where the landscape is bare and there’s no snow to cover it or fill in the gaps.

I’ve been wearing more monochromatic black and grey looks lately and I’m really enjoying how easy it is to pull outfits together. Monochromatic looks are perfect for mornings when you’re running late and don’t want to deal with mixing or matching, or just feeling uninspired by what’s hanging in your closet.  Instead of wearing all black or all grey I opted for a mix of both, having varying shades of grey and black accents, it adds depth to looks that otherwise my feel one dimensional.

What do you wear when you’re feeling uninspired?


8 responses to “Stick Season

  1. LOL stick season! I totally hear you and we have that here in Colorado believe it or not! Your blazer is fantastic!

    • I’m so glad you understand how gray how stick season can be! You guys probably have snow out in CO by now right? Believe it or not I got the blazer from the little boys section of Goodwill.

  2. I love this look – especially since you paired classic “suit” pieces with moto boots!! I love the juxtaposition of style there.

    I’ve never heard of stick season but it’s totally appropriate. Do you have any snow on the ground? That usually makes it a little prettier. This time of year we usually have had over 10 inches – instead we’ve barely gotten .2. 🙂

    • Thanks Catherine, I was worried it looked a little too Daria but I’m actually digging how it came out. We have ZERO snow and it’s such a bummer. I want a white Christmas, not a yucky wet Christmas!

  3. No matter what you wear, you look amazing. Your hair is so freakn’ gorgeous.

  4. Much of the same really, But you’re so lucky to have such vibrant beautiful hair. You could rock the most sombre of ensembles and still look fabulous.

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