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Wore Out’s Look of the Week

What a week! I shared outfit & exhibit pictures from our trip to Montreal, took fashion queues from a 3.75 year old and didn’t know what to wear. This week flew by and I can’t wait to spend the weekend in Maine with all my sisters and nieces celebrating my beautiful grandmother’s 90th birthday!

There are some really exciting things happening with my blog and I can’t wait to share them with you! It’s exciting to see something I’m so personally passionate about start to blossom.

One exciting project on the horizon is the “Fashionably Fit” collaboration with Sarah from Under Pressure. Sarah’s a modern day wonder woman, gracefully juggling a million and one things while still looking fabulous. Oh yeah and did I mention she’s a hugely successful runner (she sometimes runs 50+ mile races… for fun)

For Wore Out’s Look of the Week I did things a little differently. Instead of celebrating one blogger’s style I decided to highlight something that I’ve been seeing a lot more of lately and it inspired me this week…

Levitating Ladies!Clockwise from top left: 

Jessica from What I Wore, Megan of Lovely Miss Megs

Yowayowa Camera’s Natsumi & Caroline Daily

How was you week? What inspired you?

The Stylish Palette: Mix, Match & Pair

Picking a bottle of wine to compliment a meal is no different than trying to find a pair of shoes that tie a whole outfit together. Just like a pair of platforms can add the perfect 70’s chic vibe to a pair of flared jeans, a well paired bottle of Barbera d’ Alba can enhance flavor notes in a bold tomato sauce.

Abby from Dedalus Wine Shop explained that when it comes to picking a wine that will pair well with your meal there are two main schools of thought; accent complimentary flavors or highlight contrasting flavors.

  • A complimentary pairing would highlight the citrus flavors in a  Sauvignon Blanc by pairing it with a light summer salad with a citrus dressing.
  • A contrasting flavor pairing would be using crisp citrus flavors of an effervescent vinho verde to lighten up heavier summery dishes; steamers with clarified butter, marinated grilled chicken or favorite summer grilled treat, bacon wrapped scallops.

Complimentary Flavor Pairing: Hilberg, 2008 Barbera d’Alba, $23.50Tone down the acidity of a bold red sauce by pairing it with this moderately priced bottle of red. Both the wine and the sauce have a certain level of acidity and when paired together they neutralize each other somewhat. This allows the sweetness from the tomatoes in the sauce and the berry flavors in the wine to really shine.

Feeling bolder? Take a contrasting approach with your fashion palette and treat leopard/cheetah prints as neutrals. Try swaping out one of your neutral staple tees with a bold fun animal print to instantly add interest. Here’s how two of my favorite bloggers did it.

Jessica from What I Wore mixed this vintage polka dress dots with stylish cheetah print pumps

Tiffany over at A Reason to be Fabulous treats leopard print as a neutral and pairs it with solids to create a beautifully bold look

Do you prefer contrasting pairings or do you prefer to play off complimentary colors? What food/wine pairings do you enjoy?