Spotted… acting like Linda Carter

Linda Carter was epic as Wonder Woman. Her golden lasso, bullet shielding cuffs and invisible plane secured her a place among my fashion icons at a very young age. If only I was able to switch outfits with a few quick spins…

Sunglasses & Coat: Downtown Threads, Dress (worn as skirt): Goodwill, Sweater: The Gap, Heels: Dollhouse (via TJ Maxx), Belt: Forever 21, Tights: The Sox Market, Ring: Gifted I love this coat. I feel sublime when I wear it. The cheetah print, bell sleeves, burnt sienna pumps and a double buckle waist belt make this look a cornucopia  of my favorite things!

What pieces are filling your fashion cornucopia this season?


9 responses to “Spotted… acting like Linda Carter

  1. You look like a glamorous Wonder Woman in this Cait! I LOVE the coat and the bell sleeves on this sweater. They work very well with the animal print skirt! Gorgeous m’dear!

  2. you always look so sleek and fabulous in your outfits, I like this sweater, the sleeves are so beautiful, very 80’s retro chic. The belt highlights your slim figure. The leopard skirt is lovely, looks perfect with the furry coat.


  3. i can’t believe i didn’t know there was another vt fashion blogger (named caitlin!), either! and you’re so stylish (it’s a rarity around here…). this is totally great–the coat is sublime, and i’m a sucker for leopard print. that’s cool that you’re thinking of putting together a swap, i’d be down (though i have a tendency to cling desperately to everything in my closet–i’m a major pack rat when it comes to clothes). either way, a blogger meetup is probably in order!

  4. ha…I totally thought wonder woman when I saw the spin in the first photo! Love that fabulous coat!! Such a great skirt and classic pumps.

  5. Super cute 70s inspired outfit. LOVE that coat!!!

  6. The coat! The shoes! The belt! I LOVE THIS OUTFIT! : )

  7. The colors and the 70s vibe are great on you! That coat is PURRRRFECT! Holiday hugs! ~Serene

  8. Ooh la la! Cozy and glamorous fall look, for sure!

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