Friday Finery & Frivolities

Whew! The weekend is almost here! This week I got back into the swing of things after being on vacation last week. I shared snaps from Elfreth’s Alley and Central Park’s iconic Bethesda Fountain, Mother Nature inspired a day and evening look, and I watched the river rush by as many of Vermont’s lakes and rivers entered record high flood-stages.

With the Royal Wedding (and it’s fashion glory) reaching a fever pitch and the Kentucky Derby quickly approaching it seems that hats are a must have accessory for spring.  Fedoras, 70’s style floppy brim, turbans, head wraps and fascinators are just a few of the hats turning heads this season.

Fashion Frivolities – 4/29/2011

Fascinators, usually worn to formal events or with formal attireLeft: Turquoise Fascinator – Right: Sinamay Fascinator

Even though I didn’t make the guest list to the wedding of the year decade I would still love to own either of these hats! Fascinators are making a comeback thanks to the new Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) and other high profile celebrities. Either of these hats would be the perfect statement piece for an fun summer evening party or for the Royal Ascot perhaps!

Off to the RacesLeft: Palm Horse Kentucky Derby Hat Right: Vintage Ladies Spring Hat

No Kentucky Derby outfit is complete without large, well adorned hat! Think of these as fascinators but on a much larger scale. Whether you’re choosing a hat for the actual derby or derby viewing party remember that size matters! You want your hat to fit snugly (so it wont get taken away by the wind) but loose enough that it wont give you a headache. The only thing worse than hat hair is a hat headache!

Spring & Summer’s Top ToppersClockwise from Bottom Left: Basketweave Floppy Hat, Bold Stripe Floppy Hat, Vintage Flapper Hat, Upturn Brim Fedora, Interlinked Floral Head Wrap, & Bleached Peacock Feather Headband

These spring/summer toppers keep your sunny day style cool and chic. Last year was all about the fedora but this year the style is all about wider brim looks. Wide brim fedoras from Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 make great additions to more casual outfits while turbans and head wraps can take a look from day to night in a snap. While my love of hats is still new I’m excited that my options for keeping the sun out of my eyes and off my Casper white skin face are so chic!

Not sure if hats are your thing? Can’t seem to find the perfect hat? Well then this week’s blogging finery has exactly what you need! Create and customize your own fascinator or derby day hat with these easy to follow DIYs!

Blogging Finery – 4/29/2011 has an ah-mazing DIY for a boutique worthy fascinator made out of a Pringle’s container! With step by step pictures and instructions this DIY couldn’t be easier. If only I’d found it before Will & Kate’s big day! With user ratings and creative ideas for everything from sock monkeys to a bra purse, this website is sure to become your first stop for DIY projects!

Prudent & Practical has become one of my favorite resources for everything from new recipes to home repair. Their Beginners Guide to Making a Kentucky Derby Hat is super easy to follow, and you’ll be thrilled with the end results. The hat featured in this post looked so chic but ended up costing less than $10!

Are you going to buy of DIY your Kentucky Derby hat this year? What head wear are you planning on mixing into your spring & summer wardrobe?


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  1. i love the vintage ladies spring hat!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

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