Flirtin in Philly

PHEW! I need a vacation from vacation. D and I just completed a whirlwind tour of DC, Philly, and New York City. It was equally amazing and exhausting!

Dress: American Apparel Sidewalk Sale, Earrings: Kmart

Belt: Vintage Lands’ End (via my mom), Boots: Purchased in Florence, Italy

D snapped these photos of me in Elfreth’s Alley our first morning exploring in Philly. This charming tree lined alley is commonly referred to as “our nation’s oldest residential street” and is a great place to stroll early in the morning before crowds of visitors descend.

Since D and I were visiting three very different cities on our vacation packing quickly became overwhelming. In order to keep my sanity I decided to plan outfits for each day/night were going to be away. This really helped me to see what I was bringing and how I could get the most out of each item.

I tried to choose pieces that could easily go from day to night and shoes that were equally comfortable and versatile. This outfit was super easy to pack and just throw on in the morning. The dress is jersey so it traveled well and was ideal for walking around in all day. Later when D and I went out for dinner I slipped out of my boots and into ankle booties, swapped the casual woven waist belt for a skinny black waist belt, added a blazer and was ready to go!

Planning my outfits ahead of time worked out so well during vacation that I decided to try and plan my outfits for the work week. Hopefully planning outfits ahead will save me a considerable amount of time in the morning (as I like to sleep in until the very last minute!)

How do you pack for vacations? Do you plan your outfits out ahead of time or do you wake up and go with what you feel?


4 responses to “Flirtin in Philly

  1. very cute blue dress! i feel you on the vaca from vaca! i have been travelling too, and it is exhausting!

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Fun boots! Love your pretty red hair!


  3. I always feel more relaxed when I know exactly what I’ll be wearing each day away from home, and it is a space saver for sure. You look so good in that color blue! It compliments your hair perfectly, you should wear it more often.

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