River Running

Vest: Gift, Knit Shrug: Consignment Shop on Cape Cod,

Sunglasses: Market in Athens, Dress: Banana Republic Outlet Store,

Mocs: Lands’ End

Burlington and much of Vermont is currently coping with some of the worst flooding in years, Lake Champlain is expected to hit a record 102 feet tomorrow and with more rain predicted it’s only expected to get worse. I snapped these from the Burlington side of the Winooski River and while you can’t really see it in the pictures there was a ton of mist coming off the river. It was so heavy it was almost a fog. I’ve never seen the river so high before and the roar of the water was just incredibly loud.

Despite the rainy conditions forecasted, temperatures expected to reach the high 70’s this afternoon. Hallelujah! Hopefully the warm weather will stick around, I’m so ready for spring/summer!

I know I sound like a broken record but layering is key to surviving finicky weather. My knit shrug does double duty adding a pop of color while protecting me from the freezing cold air that is continuously pumped into my office (grr!). I love the pattern on this dress, even though it’s a beautiful floral print it has a rustic feel to it. I really wanted to highlight that rustic vibe so I added my faux fur vest. I was a little wary of this vest in the beginning but now I recognize how versatile and cute it can be. I was worried that the different layers would make the outfit top-heavy so I balanced the look out with a bright shoe.

Originally I’d planned to wear burnt orange heels but with the river raging so close behind me and the mist coming off the water turning the rocks into slip n slides I didn’t think it was such a good idea so I went with my trusty Lands’ End mocs. My mom bought these for my birthday in 07′ and I loved them so much I bought them in tan and blue too! Not only are they insanely comfortable but they’re equally durable. I wore these babies nonstop when I traveled in Europe, they’re  lightweight, easy to pack, comfortable to walk in and chic. Sadly Lands’ End stopped making this exact pair but they do have a similar style with a cute buckle and right now it’s on sale (for more than $60 off)!

What are your favorite layering pieces? When you find a piece that you love do you buy it in multiple colors like I do?


7 responses to “River Running

  1. I always think to myself that I should purchase multiple colors of things I love, like shoes or tops, and I do it when the cost is low enough (like Forever 21 clothing). I read that Victoria Beckham buys two pairs of each when she buys jeans- one to wear with heels and one to hem for flats. Kind of love that idea, if only I could afford it!
    These pictures with the raging water are awesome! Also loving your color palette and the contrast betweent the shrug sleeves and your dress.

  2. I love the idea of buying two pairs of jeans, now if only I had Victoria Beckham’s budget or waistline! I most often buy multiples of basics that I love. I think I have Gap’s favorite tee in 5 colors, but I wear them with everything. For me it’s all about cost per wear.

  3. i never buy two of the same 🙂 i like to have lots of different statement pieces. i love your marroon dress, it is fab!

    Btw: my blog has been temporarily de activated by blogger bc it was mistaken as a spammer! Ugh, I know, but the link below leads to my temporary blog at steffysprosandcons.COM

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. I love the outfit! I hope nothing gets too damaged in the flooding, and that everyone stays safe, all that water looks crazy!

  5. I love your moccasins! They are super cute and a great colour!

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