A Capital One Commercial

“Hey Cait, why you dressing like you’re from those capital one commercials?

Sunnies: gifted

Earrings: Charlotte Ruse

Blazer: Vintage (via my mom)

Vest: Gifted

Belt: Forever 21

Button Up: LL Bean

Bracelets: Shop in Florence, Italy

Jeans: Charlotte Ruse

Flats: Gifted ( I think they’re from the gap?)

stole this move from one of my favorite childhood movies, Singing in the Rain.

To start I have to give a shout out to to my friend Josh for posing the question that prompted the title of this post and to my mom who gifted me with the two best pieces in this look, the vintage camel blazer and the faux fur capital one inspired barbarian vest. Come to think of it she gave me the flats too! Thanks for keeping me looking good mom!

I love wearing this blazer because my mom was wearing this blazer when she was my age. It’s the perfect example of how trends and styles are constantly coming back around. I’ve also fallen in love with layering the vest’s faux fur lapels over the blazer’s smaller collar. I love the drama that the shades add to the whole look. Since this outfit has a very neutral color scheme I wanted to add interest with accessories, like the leopard flats below. I also played with textures (layering of the fur over the camel linen) to keep the look fresh.

bajangles as D calls them

What pieces in your closet have history? How do you subtly add interest and excitement to an outfit?



12 responses to “A Capital One Commercial

  1. LOVE that vest! Great posing in this one, too!

  2. adorable vest 🙂

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Definitely Barbie!

  4. This is definitely my favorite post so far. I love the outfit, poses, scenes, shots, everything! Perfect!

  5. That blazer and vest are a great combination.

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