Friday Finery & Frivolities

Whew! TGIF all, we made it to Friday!

This week has been especially long and taxing! Work has been round the clock and even though I’ve been burning the candle at both ends I feel like my to-do list is still outrageously long. I am beyond wiped out…humph!

All the stress of the work week aside Burlington is enjoying amazing sunny spring weather and that is definitely something to celebrate! Speaking of celebrating… D and I found an apartment! Fingers crossed we’ll have the lease signed by this time next week! Boy, there is a lot to celebrate this Friday at Wore Out! Sunny weather, a new apartment, and… a new weekly feature;

Friday Finery & Frivolities!

Every Friday I’ll share some of my favorite blogs with you in Blogging Finery and I’ll give you a glimpse at my ever changing fashion and style favorites in Fashion Frivolities!

Fashion Frivolities for 3/18/2011

From left to right, top to bottom:

Buddah Peace Bank I can already see it on my desk in the new apartment!

Brehan Silk Paperbag Shorts in Charcoal I think paperbag shorts are going to be my “out of my comfort zone” spring purchase… these are too cute to pass up!

ALDO Willman Bag (available this spring… I’ve been waiting for months!)

Jeffrey Campbell Green Leather Lace-up Bootie Yes… I am obsessed with these.

Free People Dagger Ear Cuff I’ve been looking for a sexy ear cuff and this one certainly fits the bill (and at this price it’s a no brainier right?!)

Kicking off Wore Out’s first Blogging Finery:

The Charm of Contentment is an amazing post about being content and I couldn’t have found it at a more perfect time! Live the Charmed Life is such an amazing resource I love this blog for a daily does of wonderful!

Today’s post over at MinnChic, about the 5 hardest blogging lessons to learn really spoke to me. I am so inspired by Rebecca’s style and her candid posts. This rookie blogger could learn a lot from a lady like this (I’m taking notes!)

Need some inspiration for sprucing up your spring style? Then you have to check out The IT List over at Rose a La mode!* PS: how hot is Dakota Fanning? I wish I had her fashion sense (and budget) when I was in high school! warning: you may want to hide your wallet before heading over to this amazing blog full of shopping temptation*

If you’re looking for killer fashion with a sense of humor to match look no further than Mid Week Crisis. I LOVE the Coat Check Fashion Police features, they’re a must read!

Happy Spring all! What are you up to this weekend?


4 responses to “Friday Finery & Frivolities

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  3. When is the willman bag available? Like a date??

    • I wish I knew! I’ve been trying to get a hold of this bag for months. I’ll do some more research and see what I can come up with.

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