A Cold & Cropped Casual Friday

Blazer: Vintage via my Mom, Cropped Sweater Top: Old Navy, High-Waisted Jeans: H&M, Oxford Booties & Owl Ring: Forever 21, Two Finger Bar Ring: Downtown ThreadsIt was in the teens when I snapped these photos so please excuse the overly red nose, stiff posing and rushed feel of these images. I was cold and it was windy.

Had I not been concerned about hypothermia I would have loved to show you how this top is perfectly cropped in the front and slightly longer in the back, making it the perfect subtle mullet shirt, but like I said I was cold and it was windy so the blazer stayed on.

While my office has a pretty laid back dress code I thought a cropped top might be pushing it so I paired the subtle mullet shirt with high-waisted flares. While covering my midsection was my biggest concern I also wanted to balance out the boxy shape of the top with a more form fitting pant/bottom. I was concerned that the flares would mess with the proportions but I think they actually gave it a great 70’s feel.

What pieces do you use to balance out boxy tops? How have you styled crop tops in the past?

10 responses to “A Cold & Cropped Casual Friday

  1. Oh you brave blogger, you! The sacrifices we make for our readers. 🙂

    Love how great that blazer looks with the top. They look like they were made to go together! I bet that top would look really cute with a big maxi skirt too.

  2. I love this! I have yet to buy boxy tops because I don’t know how to balance them out. I love the way they look on everyone else, but I haven’t been able to figure it out yet.

  3. Cait this look is flawless. Every time I see you in this blazer, I love it all the more. I love the cropped top/high waisted flares combo very much. I know how it is to take pics in the freezing cold weather. HORRIBLE!!!! Get yourself a warm Starbucks pronto!

  4. Loving the crop top! I’m a fan of all things striped, and those colors look really well together!


  5. Great shirt. It looks soooooooooo cold out there.

  6. I just bought this sweater and have been having a hard time styling it because it is so boxy and cropped! You’re inspiring me! 🙂 I tend to just layer a solid or matching tank under anything cropped because I am so not a midriff-baring kind of lady! Haha. I also like to pair them with pencil skirts whenever possible, though I usually just go for jeans because I work at a preschool!

  7. I love this outfit. I especially love that you paired the crop top with the high waisted flares. I am not a fan of crop tops usually, but this I love.

  8. I love that you called it a mullet top, its super cute.

    I wear yoga/running gear to work, it’d be fun to dress up.

    And I love your hair color, beautiful.

  9. Great blog, I have just bookmarked it

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