Get Your Layer On

Sunnies, Skull Ring & Skirt: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Gift Shop, Blazer: Goodwill, Denim Button-up: Walmart, Boots: Gifted“Feels like negative 4 out there!” How can forecasters be so peppy about air cold enough to make your eyes water and nose hairs freeze?

I know I talk a lot about layering but as the temperatures continue to drop staying warm and cozy while looking somewhat pulled together becomes more of a challenge. Bundling up doesn’t have to mean bulking up! Here are a few tips for making layering work for you:

  • wear your thinnest garment closest to your skin;  this will help you avoid looking bulky or lumpy. Above I used a tank top as my base layer, added a denim button up and finally a black blazer.
  • three strikes, you’re out; three layers or less (under your outerwear) is usually best for showing off your silhouette while avoiding looking like a bag lady
  • the long and short of it; show off each layer and your figure by layering your longest piece first i.e., a long maxi dress topped with a classic cut jean jacket and a cropped faux fur vest. The
  • mix it up; have fun with your layers and try mixing different patterns, textures and styles together. Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral look with a bold colored scarf or sequin cardigan or mix unexpected fabrics like lace, denim and wool.

What layering tips do you have?

11 responses to “Get Your Layer On

  1. Alright, silly question……I want a scarf tying lesson! Loving this little knot. How’d you do it?

    • What a great idea Dana! I’ll have to brush up on my scarf skills a bit but a scarf tying post is in the works for you!

  2. But what if I like looking like a bag lady? 😉

  3. I like how you tied that scarf, and your wool scarf looks super warm.

    • Thanks Rebecca! This plaid maxi skirt is one of the warmest pieces in my wardrobe. I never thought I would like wearing long skirts in the winter but they’re perfect for staying warm and hiding clunky snow boots.

  4. So great! And I second all those who love how you tied your scarf! Winter is such a hard time to feel cute, but you have done it!

    • Thank you Betsy. I was surprised with how many people commented about how I tied my scarf. I guess I never really thought about how I did it before, I just throw it on.

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