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Peacock on a Dock

Sunglasses: Zinnia, Jacket: TJ Maxx, Bag & Dress: Forever 21 Necklace: Battery St Jeans, Ring: Kohl’s, Belt: Goodwill, Flats: Target

A summer dress in just the right shade of green with a dash of peacock and leopard made for a beautiful morning on the dock at the Lake Champlain Sailing Center.  The mullet style hem made walking feel more like floating and while the wind was perfect for showing off the dress’s movement it wasn’t doing my hair any favors.

Tonight is the annual third of July fireworks display in Burlington and D and I are planning a picnic potluck with a few friends to celebrate. I’ve always found the Fourth of July  incredibly romantic. Something about the heat of the summer, glowing sparklers, and bare feet in green grass just gets me, so I’m excited that we’re keeping things a bit more low-key this year.

How are you planning on celebrating Independence day? What are your favorite Fourth of July traditions?

A Cold & Cropped Casual Friday

Blazer: Vintage via my Mom, Cropped Sweater Top: Old Navy, High-Waisted Jeans: H&M, Oxford Booties & Owl Ring: Forever 21, Two Finger Bar Ring: Downtown ThreadsIt was in the teens when I snapped these photos so please excuse the overly red nose, stiff posing and rushed feel of these images. I was cold and it was windy.

Had I not been concerned about hypothermia I would have loved to show you how this top is perfectly cropped in the front and slightly longer in the back, making it the perfect subtle mullet shirt, but like I said I was cold and it was windy so the blazer stayed on.

While my office has a pretty laid back dress code I thought a cropped top might be pushing it so I paired the subtle mullet shirt with high-waisted flares. While covering my midsection was my biggest concern I also wanted to balance out the boxy shape of the top with a more form fitting pant/bottom. I was concerned that the flares would mess with the proportions but I think they actually gave it a great 70’s feel.

What pieces do you use to balance out boxy tops? How have you styled crop tops in the past?

Gold and Blue

Sunnies: Greece, Sweater: Loft (via Clothes Exchange), Belt: Forever 21, Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21, Flats: TargetI bought these leopard flats at Target almost two years ago and they have finally started to fall apart. I paid less than $10 for them so I wasn’t expecting them to last forever but I can’t help but be a little heartbroken. I just wish I’d had the foresight to buy a second pair of these when I had the chance.

My friend Erin was gracious enough to snap these pictures for me last Friday during a lunchtime stroll along the Burlington Waterfront (you can always tell when friends take my pictures because of my big cheesy smile). Weather wise it’s been an absurdly beautiful fall but the chill in the air has started to linger and we’re expecting the first snow of the year later this week.

memo to self: find winter clothes asap

Have you unpacked your winter clothes yet? Are there pieces you wished you’d bought in multiples?