Chic Perfect to Cheap Perfect

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Savers, Tee: Target, Belt: Goodwill, Skirt: Downtown Threads (vintage), Jacket: T.J Maxx, Heels: Target
my cheap perfect version of this “chic perfect” look.

Since I was wearing this to the office I kept relatively covered up in one of my favorite vintage skirts. I tried to get a close up of my skirt but none of the photos came close to doing it’s sheen justice. It’s quite luminescent.* I played down the skirt’s shimmer with a simple grey v-neck tee and safari inspired belt.  *A small part of me is terrified this skirt is the bottom of a horrific mother of the bride skirt suit…*

While the “chic perfect” look that inspired this outfit is undoubtedly sexy, I was able to create my very own office friendly “cheap prefect” version using items I already had in my closet. Not to shabby when you consider the $65 price tag!

Jacket $29.99, Sunnies $12, Scarf $1.99, Tee $7, Belt $0.50, Skirt $7, Heels $6 

What cheap thrill pieces do you have in your wardrobe? Was my inspired look hit or miss? 

this was suppose to be a close up of my scarf…just like this was suppose to be a flattering photo… stupid skirt pooch


12 responses to “Chic Perfect to Cheap Perfect

  1. I totally stuck that image in my inspiration folder too – so simple and chic! I love your take on it and making it work appropriate!

    • Thanks Christine, to be honest I thought twice about posting these photos. The inspiration picture is so sleek and sexy while my version feels clunky and frumpy! Next time i hope to find a good medium.

  2. Love this!!! I am in love with that skirt. I love how you wore the scarf, the cropped jacket, just everything


  3. Love the dressier skirt with the casual plain tee…great outfit…very chic!

  4. It’s a definite hit. But I seriously doubt that you could wear anything that misses. You’ve just got it. You know? You are stylish when you roll out of bed, I bet.

    You really cracked me up about the fear of the skirts origins. Oh man. So funny.


  5. I hate “the skirt pooch” it’ll be the death of me!
    BTdub, you look adorable!

  6. Sweet scarf. Skirt’s beautiful.

  7. This look is gorgeous!! I love the skirt, with the top and that amazing scarf. Very office chic

  8. you look really sleek and chic, love this inspiration, the scarf is a lovely addition to add pizzaz!


  9. Eh, if it is half of an MOB outfit, then you’re working it and doing it justice!

    Those outfits are heinous. When my brother got married in May, my mom and I searched everywhere for a non-frumpo MOG outfit. It was actually really hard – why do clothing companies think all MOBs/MOGs want to dress like that?!?

    And I’ve gotten off topic. Sorry. Your outfit is really cute! 🙂

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