Copy Cat Casual

It’s no secret that I love Refinery 29. In fact this is the second time I’ve copied a look featured in one of R29’s signature slideshows.As seen on Refinery29 As seen in Burlington, Vermont (in 6 degrees, hence frozen awkward poses)Sunglasses (broken shortly after), Cardigan & Skirt: Downtown Threads, Denim Button-up: Walmart, Tights: Target, Boots: Old Navy 

I like the more muted, mellow tones in the original outfit but I’m generally pleased with how my copy cat version turned out. I think next time I’ll opt for my lighter wash denim button up and play up brown tones like in the original version. The bright red and dark denim button up give this look a much too bold red, white and blue feel for me especially when paired with the black leggings and boots.

What outfits have been inspiring you?

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6 responses to “Copy Cat Casual

  1. I usually don’t copy an entire outfit, but sometimes I am inspired by the ideas of an outfit, or the color combinations.

  2. I like how yours turned out, I like it better than your inspiration.

  3. I think you did a great job coming up with your own spin on this outfit. And you definitely deserve a medal for taking pics in the cold.

    WHY do I not have a chambray shirt?!?! 🙂

  4. LOVE how you recreated this look. Just stunning and vibrant!

  5. I am always re-creating looks from Refinery29 too!! My favorite part is showing their suggestions (which are usually kinda pricey) and then showing how I found the look for less- looks like that’s exactly what you did here too 🙂 Lookin good for less feels awwwwesome.

  6. Love that your denim shirt is darker. Cute copying.

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