My 70’s Stroll

“From the dark end of street
To the bright side of the road
We’ll be lovers once again
On the bright side of the road.” van morrison

Since I was having some technical difficulties (grr!) I wasn’t able to share my exciting news with you yesterday so here it is; D and I found an apartment! We signed the lease yesterday and couldn’t be happier! Stay tuned for lots of DIY projects and tons of home decor ideas.

In full stride

Hat: Dirt Chic

Sunnies: Street Cart in Athens

Scarf: Gift

Knit Cardi: Banana Republic via Dirt Chic

Denim Button-Up: Walmart

Brenton Striped Tee: H&M

Leggings: Target

Boots: Rocket Dog via shoemetro

Ok, you caught me… I’m posing… kinda

I don’t want to jinx it… but I’m so glad the sun is back it feels like spring again! As I mentioned in my Party Hat & Pumps Post I have a new found love for hats! I’d been searching for a floppy brim, 70’s style, hat for months but none of the ones I’d found were exactly what I wanted so I decided to wait until I found the perfect one and I am so glad I did!

I stopped by  Dirt Chic (an upscale consignment shop in Burlington) on a whim and there was my perfectly floppy hat sitting on one of the rounders. I grabbed it and ran to the mirror (scaring numerous patrons I’m sure) and guess what it fit, perfectly! My grandmother always told me “beautiful things have a way of sneaking into your life when you least expect it” and she couldn’t have been more right!

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” J. Wooden

While I was at Dirt Chic I also snapped up this cozy Banana Republic cardi, perfect for cooler spring days! This time of year in Vermont the weather is so unpredictable that layering is a must! I wanted to keep the overall feel of the outfit pretty laid back (aka comfortable) so I kept it simple with some Brenton stripes, dark denim wash button up, and neutral black leggings.

I got these boots last week and I couldn’t be happier with them. I had my heart set on them when they were priced at $79.99, so when I did a little price comparison shopping and found them for $29.99 at shoemetro I was in heaven! I wore these babies all weekend and they are beyond comfortable! I love how they have a little bit of a heel too. I need all the extra height I can get since D is almost a foot taller than I am!

D calls these my bug-eye glasses

What accessories are you looking forward to adding to your spring wardrobe? Have  pieces in your closet found you like my new hat found me?




5 responses to “My 70’s Stroll

  1. I’ve been looking for a hat just like that! they have one at forever21 but yours is definitely a better look! great outfit and post!


    • Thank you! I saw the hat at forever 21 (one of my favorite stores!) and I almost bought it but hats are such a gamble when you don’t try them on first! I hope the perfect hat finds you like this one found me!

  2. Hii 🙂
    Like your hat, sunnies, boots and your knit cardi 🙂

    Thank you for your awesome comment on my recent post, means a lot! 😀
    Re: Yea,t he dress is causal, and I didn’t feel like wearing dressy shoes or even oxfords, so I went with my converse to keep it casual. 😀 Yea, for the DIY posts, I’ll start on those somewhere around april or may, I’ll be done with my class. 😀

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