A Snowy Romp

I love how this romper has pockets!

I’m SO glad I hustled and got these pics taken this morning because it’s SNOWING out right now! What’s up with this Mother Nature? I thought yesterday was the first day of spring… grr! I shouldn’t be too surprised, this is typical spring weather for Vermont and as much as I hate the unpredictable weather I love having four distinct seasons to style my wardrobe around.

I’m becoming an expert non-posing poser!

Sweater: H&M

Button Up: JCrew (men’s)

Skinny Belt: Forever 21

Romper: Target

Tights: Target

Boots: Forever 21

Watch: Yard sale a million years ago

This outfit was a step outside my comfort zone for sure! I just started wearing rompers this past summer so I’m still working out all the styling kinks. I liked how the romper looked with tights and added a pop of color and pattern by layering the button-up under my black v-neck. I wanted to create some sort of silhouette to balance out the bulkiness of all the layers  so I used a skinny, regular length, belt as a waist belt. I tucked the extra length behind the front of the belt and ended up with a really cute almost bow.

more layers than an onion!

I knew the walk to work (and the walk home tonight) was going to be messy because of the snow so I went the practical route and choose my flat black, biker-esque ankle boots. Walking to work presents an almost daily outfit dilemma (especially with Vermont’s insane weather) so I’ve had to expand my “shoe-drobe” to accommodate more practical, sturdy footwear for the commute and these cute flat boots fit the bill (and when I bought them they were on sale for under $15!) As Charlie Sheen would say, “winning!”

good thing the distressed look is still in

I didn’t realize it until D mentioned it but you’re much more likely to catch me in shorts (layered with tights) during the fall/winter than you are to find me bare leggin’ it in shorts during the spring/summer. My thighs are an area on my body that I tend to camouflage and try to style around, which is why the idea of my bare legs in shorts seems so bold (and terrifying!)I know it doesn’t make sense since tights are sheer and as close as you can get to bare legs, but for me a layer of tights represents a layer of protection, (even if it is all mental.)

For me style/fashion is all about playing with different pieces, trends, and styles and seeing how they make you feel. If you don’t feel comfortable in something don’t force it! Play around with accessories, layering, and colors until you find what works for you and your body!

As I mentioned above this outfit was a step out of my comfort zone but the longer I have it on the more I’m starting to like it! However the next time I style my romper there are going to be somethings I’m going reconsider… like how hard it’s going to be to get all these layers off to pee!

What outfit do you feel most confident in? What styles and trends have recently added into your daily wardrobe?



5 responses to “A Snowy Romp

  1. Sorry about the snow…I’m so ready for spring!
    Love the boots and love the shorts/tights look. I hardly ever wear shorts in the summer either, but with tights & boots they look fab!

  2. I totally understand where your coming from with taking chances and getting comfortable with new styles! I have no problem trying new things- but since I live in a small town in the south my fashion adventures stick out like a sore thumb, totally worth the stares though! I haven’t quite conquered tights & jean shorts though…

    by the way you should coin the phrase “expert non posing poser”

    -Erica : )

  3. great blog! non posing is just so awkward right?

    ❤ steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

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