Got my Party Hat and Pumps on!

My new accessory obsession? Hats!

Oh yes, that’s snow your seeing. This morning Burlington woke up to dusting of new snow… that’s right even though yesterday’s temperatures reached into the 40s and tomorrow is the first day of spring Vermont is still enjoying fresh powder.

Last time I checked it wasn’t suppose to snow in spring!

Hat: Urban Outfitters

Silence & Noise Blazer: Urban Outfitters

Top: T.J Maxx

Jeans: T.J Maxx

Pumps: Steve Madden

As  mentioned in my Friday Finery & Frivolities post this week was so stressful, last night I was dead asleep before 9:30pm! Poor D went to take a shower and by the time he got out I passed out. He said he just rolled me over and kept watching basketball, so I suppose it worked out for the best.

I love the feather and bow detailing!

I just started getting into hats and now I can’t imagine living without them! I usually rock a simple knit winter hat so it’s been fun expermenting with different styles. This spring a 70’s style wide floppy hat will go perfectly with everything from a maxi dress to high waisted jeans. I can’t wait for the warmer weather to return so I can bust on my straw fedora!

This hat just has such a great 70’s vibe to it, I love it! Accessories like this hat are the  perfect way to inject a little drama into any outfit.  You can dress it up like I did above or pair it with your favorite pair of skinnies, classic riding boots, and an over sized tee for a more casual chic look.

Don’t you step on my Blue suede shoes

Tonight D and I are going to a double birthday party, our friends (who happen to be brothers) are throwing a joint birthday party for their girlfriends! I’m looking forward to partying with good friends and lots of dancing; it’s the perfect way to celebrate the weekend and a great excuse to get a little dolled up!

I got this blazer for a fraction of the retail price, thank you to whoever returned this blazer after taking off the tags! You can’t really see it in the pictures but the blazer has a sparkly sheen to it and the lapels are done in a gauzy fabric adding great texture. It’s quickly become my go to piece for a night out. I love how adding a blazer and bold heels takes a casual outfit (skinny’s and a tee) from day to night seamlessly. Finish off the look with a fun hat or a bold clutch and you’re ready to party all night!

Could tonight’s “Super Moon” be getting to me already?

Super Moon? Tonight’s moon will be the biggest full moon in 20 years! I hope the clouds don’t get in the way! Burlington always gets a little wacky when there’s a full moon so I’m interested to see what happens tonight!

What are you doing this weekend? Where are you planning on viewing the “Super Moon”?


2 responses to “Got my Party Hat and Pumps on!

  1. Nice outfit, looove the 2nd picture! 🙂

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