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Vintage Style for a Vacation Getaway

I am so honored to introduce Sammy of Sammy Davis Vintage! No one lives, breathes, and loves vintage like Sammy. I’m constantly inspired by her ability to make pieces from every decade fashion forward. Thank you Sammy for sharing your love of vintage and killer style on Wore Out!To honor Caitlin’s bon voyage to her warm weather getaway, I wanted to share a few of my favorite vacation-worthy pieces from NYC boutique ALittleWicked, where I style women in drool-worthy vintage and spread my brand’s motto “to spread vintage love!”

While other stores are still selling sweaters, we take cues from designer “resort collections” and come the New Year, stock our racks with stylish spring and summer pieces for vacationing fashionistas. Funky floral print rompers in January? Yes, please!

 My mission is to make vintagestyle more accessible to the contemporary woman — that means you! I know that every lady has a vintage lover deep inside her. So take a peek at these 5 awesome vintage pieces perfect to pack for a happy holiday, and some jaw-dropping vintage accessories you may just want to wear right now!

xx, SDCan you believe this coral wrap dress is from the ‘80s? I could hardly believe it, either … until I saw the shoulder pads!

 Thankfully, a trusty pair of scissors can snip those bad boys out. As for the wrap dress? I don’t want to remove her sexy silk from my body … ever

This dress is an example of how eras-do-eras. The ‘80s was notorious for taking design cues from the ‘40s and ‘50s. This dress has the hourglass cut of a ‘50s house dress, but designed with some crazy color and print!

I think warm weather is the best time to experiment with one-of-a-kind pieces. The weather is so fun and free. So why not suit your style to match?

The more mini a dress is, the more marvelous I feel … and this dress does just that, and more!

 I predict the maxi is on its way out for spring/summer style. The influence of 1920s fashion had hems rising on the runways. So pull out those scissors, sisters and cut those floor-length dresses down!

 When the skirt is short, however, be wary of when and where its worn. Hide a pair of hot pants below for extra security, and watch where the wind blows as you stroll the beach!

I don’t just love — but lust! — after this dress! Until I met this lovely lady, I’d never seen roses printed on a white base, and thanks to this light coloring the look is clean and chic.

 I definitely would want to wear her over a candlelight dinner with my sweetie. Where’s my island lover?!

My favorite thing to wear in the summer is a romper just like this! It’s fitted to accentuate my waist, and the shorts and spaghetti straps give it a modern edge. It looks like it just came off the racks of Urban Outfitters!

Rompers are great pieces for beachside or poolside lounging. You’re covered up without feeling stifled and sweaty.

 (left to right)

 1, 2, 3 / Add color without style shock with a vintage southwest design bag. Their ethnic-inspired geometric designs and unique shapes are enough statement to last all spring and summer long.

4, 5, 6 / These Peruvian belts are handwoven by a village’s women, who create these one-of-a-kind pieces thanks to a secretive art protected over generations from leaking out to “the western world.”

7, 8, 9 / Hardware isn’t just for shoes and bags. These silver and beaded necklaces are just the bling you need to stand out in your bikini — just watch those tan lines!