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Oddly 80’s

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Mock Neck: Boutique in Augusta, Georgia, White & Silver Vest: The Clothes Exchange, High Waisted Jeans: H&M, Pumps: Steve Madden, Watch: Yard sale, Earrings: ZinniaThe longer I look at these photos the more of an 80’s vibe I’m getting.

I’ll be honest the sunglasses were an impulse purchase during one of my weekly trips to Downtown Threads. I liked the angles and the thin metallic floral trim and how different they were from my other sunnies. They’re not exactly flattering but they have a certain Grace Jones quality to them that I like and if I’m being totally honest I give in to the $1 box of random accessories at register at least 60% of the time.

Similar to my sunglasses, I’m not sure if this vest is exactly flattering but something about it spoke to me so I picked it up. It’s hard to see in the photos but the vest has silver and white metallic threading that gives it a subtle sheen. The shoulders are actually my favorite part, they’re structured without being padded and add a unique element to the silhouette.

I’m glad I took a chance on both these pieces. They’re fun and now that I’ve given them a whirl I’m excited to try working them into my everyday wardrobe. I think this vest would be great with a silk blouse, the contrast of the voluminous silk sleeves with the structured shoulder could be great.

What pieces have you recently taken a chance on?

Let’s be Honest, it’s ALL about the Shoes

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Vest: Charlotte Ruse, Tee: Target,

Jeans: Levi’s, Ring: SZS Designs (gifted), Bangles: Gifted & Thrifted,

Gold & Ribbon Bracelet: Zinnia,  Heels: Zigi Girl (via: Clothes Exchange)

Despite their appearance these Zigi Girl heels are rather comfortable and easy to walk in. I wore them to the office and was on my feet all day without any problem. I picked these heels up at the Clothes Exchange for only $10!

I bought these Levi’s boyfriend jeans while D and I were on vacation and I’ve been loving (and living) them since. They are so comfortable and I love how they looked rolled up or cuffed. I’m excited to start styling them with ankle booties come the fall. I usually dread jean shopping but the staff at the Levi’s store were so helpful and worked with me to find not one but three ah-mazing pairs of jeans.

What shoes hold a special place in your heart? Is there any type of shopping that you dread?