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Round Robin Stairs

Sunnies & Necklace: Zinnia, Jacket: TJ Maxx, Dress: Downtown Threads, Ring: Montreal Street Vendor, Clogs: Seychelles (via Amazon)

I don’t usually wear a lot of yellow or gold hues but I couldn’t pass up this great vintage maxi dress when I found it at Downtown Threads. I even like that its silhouette gives my figure a little extra umph! I used the colors in the cute robin necklace from Zinnia as inspiration for the rest of the outfit and everything just came together from there.

I’m always amazed at how put together you can look in just a maxi dress and accessories. Maxi dresses are my instant go to for easy breezy looks in the summertime. I’m hoping with some strategic layering I’ll be able to wear my simply chic maxi dresses into the fall.

What summer looks are you planning on wearing into the fall?