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Perfect Print for Fall

Sunnies, Tank, & Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Cardigan: Land’s End (via Savers), Skirt: Downtown Threads, Jessica Simpson Booties: MarshallsAs a maxi skirt this tribal print piece was virtually unwearable. It’s done in a deceivingly heavy fabric so wearing it as maxi skirt was like being rolled up in a stale burrito wrapper (not that I know what that’s actually like, but you get the idea). Enter my wonderful tailor Christine. She removed almost two feet of fabric (which I’m saving for a DIY project) and gave this skirt a whole new life.

I tried to offset the skirt’s bold print by pairing it with classic pieces in camel and navy and simple but chic accessories (like my Jessica Simpson peeptoes). Unfortunately, and I hate to say it, this may be the last time you’ll be peeping my peeptoes (or toes) for quite a while; there’s been talk of snow flurries.

What are you sad to pack away for the season? What pieces are you looking forward to wearing well into winter?

Reunited and it Feels so Good

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Chinese Silk Scarf: Yankee swap score, Cardigan: Land’s End (via Savers), Button-up: Ralph Lauren Outlet, Skinnies: Hurley (via Plato’s Closet), Heels: Jessica Simpson (via Marshalls), Skull Ring: Downtown ThreadsTurf toe be damned, it’s sunny and my toes what to come out and play. I’ve been following my doctor’s orders  and taking it easy on my feet these past few weeks but it I couldn’t help myself when I unpacked this peepalicious pair of pumps from my “Springtime” box.

I was on the fence about these shoes when I first saw them at Marshalls but when I realized they’d been marked down to $7 I knew I would regret leaving the store without them. After wearing them a close to a dozen times the cost per wear is around 75cents and my love for them is only growing. I plan to wear them all spring long with everything from maxi dresses, colored denim to cutoffs.

What spring/summer favorites have you unpacked recently?

Having trouble finding room in your closet for your new spring favorites? I’m talking about closet organization over here today!

Pippy Longstocking and Struggles with Self Doubt

true life: I’m whiter than Casper

Cardi: Forever 21 (via Plato’s Closet), Dress (w/belt): Forever 21,

Booties: Jessica Simpson (via Marshalls)

Memo to self: schedule spray tan ASAP!

Even though it was only 60 degrees I couldn’t resist the chance to soak up some sun last weekend at my parent’s house. It’s my first time sans tights since October! I’ve been in love with these booties since I picked them up a few months ago at Marshall’s for only $7! They had a few scratches near the heel so they had been marked down to a fraction of their original price. I remember holding my breath as the cashier rang them up… she was as shocked by the price as I was!

I wore this outfit to the belated birthday brunch my parents had for me when I was home. My mom ordered this great chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting from Beach Pea, one of my favorite bakeries. Seriously if you’re ever in Southern Maine you have to stop here!

While I didn’t plan on wearing braids with this outfit  the wind was causing too much of an issue so I just went with it.

It’s official, I’m smitten with these peep toe booties!

No, this is not a Justin Bieber dance move! My heels are sinking!

I have to be honest I’ve been struggling a lot this week with outfits (probably why all the pictures I’m putting up are from last weekend when I was feeling a little bit more…positive). When I go to put outfits together nothing has been looking right, everything seems off somehow.

I think I’m slipping into a fashion slump. I feel more like a lameista than a fashionista. Self-doubt has my begun to creep in and now I’ve started to wonder if my outfits are adventurous enough or polished enough to be posted. Maybe I have no business posting my thoughts on fashion and style? After all my love and excitement for fashion is very new, maybe I need time for my style to develop before I can truly be a style/fashion blogger.

I apologize for my off the cuff confession of self doubt and fashion confusion. I’ve been carrying this around week and I had to share.

What do you wear when nothing looks right? Have you experienced a fashion slump like mine?