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Caught in the Crosswalk

“Show me cheetah trapped in an urban jungle!”

I love how this shot is framed

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads

Necklace: Forever 21

Sweater: Target

Cocktail Ring: Charlotte Ruse

Belt: ?

Pencil Skirt: Forever 21

Tights: The Sox Market

Booties: Bamboo (via Amazon)

Literally leaping into the crosswalk in between cars

I have to say this was the quickest and most hilarious photo session to date! My roommate Ned is an amazing photographer who’s exhibits have shown all over Vermont. Ned has a gift of being able to capture not just images but moments in time with such vividness it evokes emotions and senses from viewers.* I was honored that he snapped these pictures for me (and embarrassed when I handed over my craptastic point and shoot camera for him to use!)

Usually D takes my outfit pictures (he’s easy to coerce and it’s easy for me to relax when he’s behind the camera because he’s always making me laugh) but having Ned take these was so fun that I’m thinking it might be fun to have guest photogs once in a while!

Love how the shadows look with the cheetah print

Inspired by my booties Ned decided he wanted the pictures to be similar to photos a nature photographer might get of animals in the brush. Despite my limited nonexistent modeling skills the pictures came out beautifully and I have to say I had a blast! We only had a few minutes of light left so these were all taken in under ten minutes.

If you’ve ever driven in downtown Burlington you know that it’s a city of four way stops. As soon as the intersection would clear Ned and I would run out snap a few pics than run back to the sidewalk as car pulled up.  More than once Ned and I were snapping pictures and cars stopped to watch. Thankfully I was laughing too hard to be self conscious.  The people driving by must have been confused and amused!

It’s an accessory safari!

This is one of the first times that I’ve worn these booties with tights (usually I wear them with boot cut jeans) and I have to say I’m loving the look. Next time I’m thinking I might pair them with cutoffs, tights, and a breezy black linen tunic… stay tuned for remixes!

Since I wanted the booties to be the focal point of my outfit I kept the rest of my look neutral using solid colors and clean lines. I was surprised how well the purple of my sweater worked with the cheetah print. I’m excited to start trying new color and pattern combinations this spring and summer. Floral prints and bright solids for color blocking are creeping into my closet as the spring flowers creep through Burlington’s remaining snow. I can’t wait!

What colors and patterns do you love mixing? What new patterns and colors are you adding to your wardrobe for spring?

For more information about Ned’s photography and his newest exhibits please visit his website