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The Stylish Palette: Lets Talk Investment Pieces

Tracking down a bottle of wine that you read about in a “best wine under $25” article is no different than driving to every Target’s in a 175 mile radius when Alexander McQueen’s McQ line launched. Similarly a bottle quickly picked up at the convenience store on your way to a party is just like the white v-neck tees you buy in bulk; classic, cheap and totally disposable.

Searching and saving aside certain bottles of wine like certain pieces in your wardrobe deserve require an investment.

Kistler, 2007 Chardonnay, $62.50

Abby from Dedalus Wine Shop in Burlington, Vermont called Kistler’s 2007 Chardonnay from California’s Sonoma Valley, “the Princess Diana of Chardonnays.” With hints of spice and vanilla Abby described this chardonnay as “perfectly juicy.” With a $62 price tag this bottle is meant to be savored and celebrated in the company of good friends and great food.

Pair this investment bottle with an investment piece from your closet. Investment pieces should be timeless, their value should increase overtime and with each time you wear them. When considering which piece to invest in (and how much to invest) consider how often you’ll be able to wear this piece and the craftsmanship that went into creating it.

When I think of investment pieces the first thing that comes to mind is Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton has been a leader in the fashion world since opening their doors in 1854. The longevity of Louis Vuitton’s brand is proof that investing in a piece from one of their collections is one that will pay out over time. A bag with a classic silhouette from a time tested designer/design house will stand up to decades of use and always be in style. Louis Vuitton, Wilshire MM


What would you consider a great investment piece? What have pieces have you invested in?

The Stylish Palette: How to Style your First Sips

Last Sunday I introduced The Stylish Palette, a series combining my love of fashion and wine. In the first Stylish Palette post I shared my picks for red, white & bubbly to sip on the Fourth and style tips each bottle. This week I wanted to do more of an introductory post.

Firstly I want to thank Abby from Dedalus Wine Shop in Burlington, this series wouldn’t have been possible without her patience (with me) and passion (for wine). Wine like with some fashion trends (harem pants, I’m talking to you) can take some easing into. Here are a few tips for trying out new wines and fashion trends.

You Already Know What you Like

Just like fashion, getting into it wine can be intimidating but if you look at what you already know/like and build off that it can make it much easier. “Think about what flavors you already like and look for wines with complimentary tastes” suggests Abby. “If you love apples and citrus fruits then try a wine with crisp, clean, fruity qualities.”

Unique, 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, $11.25

Similar to knowing what flavors you already enjoy, when it comes to experimenting with new fashion trends look at what styles you already gravitate towards. Look for trends that will compliment the pieces you already have and highlight your personal style.

One of this seasons hottest summer trends is bold floral prints. If you’re used to a more muted or neutral color palette you can ease into the trend by looking for floral prints done in pastels or by adding bold accessories.  This will allow you to build off what you already know and are comfortable with.

Romper, Wedges, Satchel, Fedora

What trends are you experimenting with this summer? When it come to trying new things do you dive right in or do you prefer to ease into it?

The Stylish Palette: Red, White & Bubbly

I am so excited to share The Stylish Palette with you!

Each Sunday in July I’ll combine two of my passions, fashion and wine. Thanks to Abby at dedalus wine shop in Burlington I’ve got tons of great tips for picking the perfect bottle to match not only your price range but your style.

In honor of the Fourth of July Abby helped me find bottles of Red, White and Bubbly perfect for whatever patriotic partying you’ve got planned.

Red: Betts & Scholl, 2008 Grenache, $21.50An Australian wine with flavors of guava and blackberries it’s one of Abby’s personal favorites. “I’ve found a sweet spot with bottles in the $20 – $25 price range. At $21.50 this grenache is one of my favorites, lighter in style but you don’t realize how much it really has going on until you open it.”

Style this bottle with:

A light gauzy shirt dress, statement sandals, bangles, and loose boho beach curls. This is the perfect wine for a torch lit backyard dinner party over looking the beach or a casual bbq with friends.

White: Aveleda Fonte, 2009 Vinho Verde, $10.75Abby described this Portuguese white as a “perfect porch sipping wine.” Ideal for hot summer days this refreshing white is smooth, light and slightly effervescent. I usually drink red wine so Abby suggested this vhino verde would be the perfect white wine to start with. It’s also low in alchol so you can enjoy it all day long. This white is casual, fun and easy to enjoy just about any where.

Style this decidedly laid back bottle with:

Your favorite beach cover up, vintage chevron bikini, floppy straw hat or head scarf. Casual but always stylish this bottle is meant to be enjoyed with friends on beach blanket, picnic table, or out on the boat.

Bubbly: Riondo Pink Spago Argento, $13.75    When it comes to choosing the perfect bubbly there are two main categories, champagne or prosecco. Champagne is strictly made with grapes from the Champagne region of France. Prosecco is a sparkling wine made from a variety of grapes. Abbey described this girly bubbly as “sweet 16 in a bottle.” Prosecco hass fat, lazy bubbles that aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere while champagne is full of tiny, busy body bubbles that are always racing around.

Style this fun bright bottle with:

 Toast the fourth with this bottle from a roof top deck, poolside cabana, or backyard party in a brightly colored silk tank, gold sequin skirt, wedges and a golden summer tan.

What type of get together are you planning for the fourth? What types of cocktails will you be celebrating with this holiday weekend?