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Standard Weekend Wear

Dollar Store Sunnies, Hat: UO, Jacket: Wilsons Leather, Gifted Scarf, Tee: Target, Boyfriend Jeans: Levi’s, ConverseFor me a great weekend involves good food, good wine, time with friends, and a chance to get outside and play. Similarly a great weekend outfit should be comfortable, versatile, and as classic as it is effortless (it is the weekend after all).

In my world nothing requires less effort than slouchy boyfriend jeans and a white tee. The knit topper, moto jacket, and pop of pink lipstick give this staple look a fresh twist. The converse are not only practical for busy weekends but they’re stylish enough for an impromptu coffee or brunch date.

what’s you’re perfect weekend outfit?

Cat o’ Nine Tail Florals

Gifted Hat, Sunglasses & Skull Ring: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Carol Maguire Home, Top (?), Shorts: Old Navy, Converse: EbayFor a predawn fishing trip bright white converse may seem like an odd choice (I’ve been making a few of those lately) but they brought me luck and were perfect for the slippery decks and docks I encountered along the way.

After spending many summers avoiding shorts all together I decided to give the looser, longer boyfriend style short a try and to my surprise I am loving them. The subtle pinstripe reminds me of the OshKosh overalls I grew up wearing and makes pattern mixing a lot of fun.

What new summer pieces have you been experimenting with?

High Tops not Heels

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Gifted, Blazer: Goodwill (boy’s), Tee: Target, Boyfriend Jeans: Levi’s, Beaded Bracelet: Forever 21, Converse High Tops: Gifted, Skull Ring: Vending MachineThe warm weather we were enjoying in Burlington last week motivated me to start hitting the pavement after an extended break from running. Flash forward a few days and a sharp, hot, pain in my big toe wouldn’t quit. After a quick call to my Doctor it seemed that I’d fallen victim to turf toe and believe me it’s as unsexy as it sounds.

So while I’ve been instructed to wear only “comfortable flats” in the upcoming weeks, I’m confident I can do this without sacrificing too much (or any) of my personal style. Case and point, these glorious Converse purple high tops that were a gift from a family friend. They’re flat, support my crappy toe, and are bold without being too over the top, exactly what I wanted.

What flats would you have paired this outfit with? Have you suffered any sort of running injuries?