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Making Marc Mine

Belt (worn as hair tie): American Apparel, Sunglasses: Dollar Tree, Cardigan: Downtown Threads, Dress: Marc Jacobs via Second Time Around, Necklace & Belt: Forever 21, Tights: Target, Bracelet & Boots: Italy Ring: Charlotte RuseIt seems fitting that I’m wearing sunglasses from the dollar store, cowboy boots from my time in Italy and my favorite vintage cardigan with my new (to me) Marc Jacobs dress. I’ve always enjoyed mixing fast & high fashion finds with vintage & thrifted pieces to create a look and wardrobe uniquely my own and I think this outfit really captures that. And while I’ve never considered myself “brand obsessed” I can’t help but be excited that hanging in my closet between my favorite $10 dress from Old Navy and the banana yellow caftan I found at Goodwill is this pretty little dress, my very first Marc.

What recent purchases has you giddy? How would you describe your style?

The Plato’s Closet Trap

Aviators: Downtown Threads, Velvet Blazer: Zara, Dress: Plato’s Closet, Bracelet: Antique Shop in Maine, Tights: Target, Ankle Boots: Nine WestSchlepping irritates me; so imagine my excitement at the prospect of carrying a laundry basket full of unwanted clothing and accessories across an icy parking lot in single degree weather. By the time my basket and I made it into Plato’s Closet I was sweating (also irritating) and firm in my resolve not to browse while preteen employees sorted through my offerings. I was going to take the money and run.

Flash forward 15 minutes and Katelyn – 13″ (an attempt at spelling my name and the number of items I’d schlepped into the dressing room) is scrawled on the white board attached to my dressing room door. I’m not sure how it happened, I blame the Kelly Rowland techno remixes they were playing, but by the time I made my way to the register I knew my chances at breaking even were slim to none.

Out of the several dozen items and accessories I’d schlepped in Plato’s found 7 items they deemed worthy and were prepared to offer me $17.43. I looked down at the $70 worth of merchandise in my arms and realized I’d fallen into the Plato’s Closet trap, again. After handing over my debit card I stuffed my bag of newly purchased items under my arm, grabbed my laundry basket (still full of unwanted goods) and schlepped it all back across the icy parking lot to my car.

Economically it was a failed errand but when I got home and inventoried the items Plato’s had actually purchased I started seeing things a little differently. In one fell swoop Plato’s Closet rid me of the “going out outfits” I’d bought in college and they’d paid me for it! Suddenly the suede dress with the exposed zippers I’d purchased for $16 felt more and more like a steal.

Have you fallen into the Plato’s Closet trap? What are your tips for having a successful consignment store trip?

Takin it Back

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans, Belt: T.J Maxx, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Pumps: Michael Antonio (via Endless), Ring: Charlotte Ruse

I’m having one hell of a Monday so I’m going to keep this short. I’m usually hesitant about wearing bright greens (they make me look like a poster child for Ireland) and I try to avoid wearing white (because I’m whiter than Moby Dick) but in this instance two wrongs apparently do make a right. My green top was only $8 at BSJ (Battery St. Jeans) a local consignment/thrift shop and I scored the white skirt off a sale rack at Downtown Threads for only $9. That’s winning in my world.

I like how this silhouette is somewhat reminiscent of the late 50’s, one of the most fashionable time periods ever (in my opinion). What I wouldn’t do to an afternoon in Doris Day’s closet in 1959… *sigh*. I hope you’re day is light years better than mine and that you had a wonderful weekend. I plan on buying myself one killer pair of heels for surviving today… that is if I make it.

If you could shop one person’s closet who’s would it be? What helps you power through shitty days?