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if Boy George had a red headed half sister…

…I suspect she’d look a bit like me in this hat 

Dollar Store Sunnies, Hat & Blazer: Shalom Shuk, Denim Shirt: Walmart, Knit: TJ Maxx, Jeans: GAP, Bronx Boots: Stella Mae, Ring: MontrealThe graphic floral print J.Crew jacket and vintage felt hat, with the original owner’s name sewn into the lining, are both from a recent trip to Shalom Shuk and I snagged these new (oxblood, maroon, insert your preferred name for this shade of dark red) leather Bronx Boots on sale at Stella Mae.

What exciting wardrobe additions have you been making? *bonus points if they make you look oddly like an 80s celebrity… and you send me a picture* 

Desert Boots

Jacket: Ann Taylor, Vintage Dress (formerly a maxi dress last seen here): Downtown Threads, DIY Charm Bracelet, Boots: Target

Now that it’s almost two feet shorter I am loving this dress. It was too a bit much yellow for me as a maxi dress so this length is perfect. Somehow these boots found their way into my shopping cart during a trip to Target for contact solution (am I the only one this happens to?) and while they’re a much cheaper version of the Steve Madden Boots I’ve been on the fence about buying for quite some time, they’re pretty great in their own right.

What money saving fashion substitutions have you made lately?

Down on the Boardwalk

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Hat: UO, Scarf: Cruise Ship Gift Shop, PeaCoat: H&M, Cardi: UO, Sweater Dress: Gifted, Leggings: Target, Boots: Old Navy, Mustard Seed Necklace: Antique Store in NH, Gemstone Necklace: GiftedIt’s crazy to think that parts of Vermont woke up to the first snow of the year this morning. Burlington avoided the fluffy white precipitation but the temperature stayed steady at just few degrees above freezing so I opted for layers of cozy knits. The white sweater dress has short sleeve so the cardigan provided the perfect extra layer of warmth. I was worried my layers would look too bulky so I kept the bottom half simple with black leggings and short moto boots (that bought half off at Old Navy this past weekend!).

I’m really getting into slouchy knit hats this year and I love how this one matches my blue H&M peacoat. I bought this peacoat while on a trip to Bologna, Italy a few years ago. It was a chilly day and I was foolishly under dressed so I nabbed this coat and have been wearing it ever since. The material is lightweight enough that it doesn’t make me feel constricted when I layer underneath it and it’s thick enough to act as  a great barrier against the wind.

Have you seen any snowflakes yet this year? How do you stay warm and fashionable as the temperatures drop?

There isn’t a new Outift Post Today

… because I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off in 5″ stilettos. All at once everything is moving at 100mph and it’s been all I can do to hold on.

I promise there will be new, juicy content up tomorrow and the day after but today I need a mulligan… and your advice:

Should I buy these?I was just sent a reminder that they were gathering digital dust sitting in my shopping cart and it got me thinking…

Pros: They’re under $35 (including shipping), relatively practical (aka good for at least 2 seasons) and I think they would be prefect with leggings, a big cozy knit and felt fedora (my fall weekend uniform) or paired with these skinnies, classic flannel and a knit beanie.

Cons: Some reviewers called them more of an olive than a brown, this concerns me. For under $35 I’m concerned that the quality will leave much to be desired, especially when they’re put up against Vermont weather conditions. I’m also worried that their slouchy appearance will restrict them to weekend only wear.

What do you think? Is there a way to class these boots up so they’re good for more than weekend errands? Should I pick them up?