think pink

Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Vermont Fashion Blogger,  Carol Maguire, Peony Print, Pink Pleated Skirt, ELLE Booties, Pink and Black Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Vermont Fashion Blogger,  Carol Maguire, Peony Print, Pink Pleated Skirt, ELLE Booties, Pink and BlackDollar Store Sunnies, Peony Scarf: Carol Maguire Home, Top: Boutique in Georgia (years ago), Belt: Pac Sun (similar), Skirt (similar) & ELLE Ankle Boots (here): Kohl’s,  Misc Bangles, Tights: TJ Maxx

I guess all the candy hearts and valentines decorations I’ve been avoiding finally caught up with me. For some reason when I woke up all I could think was pink, so here you have it, almost every pink piece I own in one outfit. It was a nice change of pace (though admittedly I’m much more comfortable in all black) and the springy colors made the impending winter storm seem a bit further away than it really is. In fact that reminds me, I’ve got to stock up on the essentials on my way home tonight: wine, cat food, and miso soup.

what are your winter storm essentials? 

13 responses to “think pink

  1. I’m usually not a big pink person either, but I love the soft color of your skirt! You’ve got the right idea, I always stock up on wine, wood for the fireplace, and ingredients to make soup and omelettes when a storm is coming!

    • I think us redheads are conditioned from birth to avoid all reds, pinks and oranges! Glad I’m not the only one who considers wine an integral part of winter storm survival. Nothing like a nice spicy Shiraz to keep the winter chill away!

  2. I love pink on you!! You should totally wear it more (says the girl wearing a NEON pink skirt). 🙂

    • Catherine, no one wears neon pink like you! In fact I thrifted a neon pink wrap dress from the early 80’s a few weeks ago and immediately thought of you. I’m hoping to wear it when the weather warms up, so this spring you’ll have to have a hot pink color challenge!

  3. Pink is a great color on you! I love this skirt Cait!

  4. Losing my mind over that skirt! Have to admit, just went to the website and bought the LC you linked immediately, it’s so on sale. Good luck in the storm!

  5. You look lovely in pink, definitely a colour that suits you. When bad weather is coming I stock up on soups, milk (for hot chocolate) and lots of naughty nibbles (Sweets and chocolate and popcorn, yummy) and I layer layer layer!

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend and the storm isn’t too bad.

    Janine xx
    Bake, Glue and Trend!

    • You and I have similar approaches to storm preparation Janine, nothing says let it snow like a big bowl of popcorn and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows!

  6. The black and pink balance each other so nicely! Adorable!

    • That’s exactly what I was hoping for Grace. I have never felt comfortable in pink so the black made it feel more “me”

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