Yellow Schmellow

I thought having this vintage yellow dress altered would solve the styling challenges I’d been having with it but I’m still struggling to get it to play well with my existing wardrobe. After spending an absurd amount of time wrestling with it I had to take a step back and hit refresh. Here are a few of the beautiful ladies making yellow dress styling look easy breezy while inspiring me in the process.

wore out, her library adventures, style inspirations, how to style a yellow dress,  her library adventures

Wore Out, Little Bird Fashion, style inspirations, how to style a yellow dress,  Little Bird Fashion

wore out, the urban umbrella, style inspirations, how to style a yellow dress,  the urban umbrella

wore out, style inspirations, how to style a yellow dress,  pinterest

Wore Out, Refinery 29, LA Street Style, style inspirations, how to style a yellow dress, Refinery 29

how would you (or have you) style a yellow dress? 


7 responses to “Yellow Schmellow

  1. I’d like to get a yellow dress for spring, but haven’t found one in the right shade. I need to wear darker mustard colors.

    • Becky, I think yellow is one of the trickiest colors to wear. I’m going to give my dress a few more tries before I consign it, but maybe yellow just isn’t for me.

  2. Oh yellow dresses are my FAVE!!!! I don’t know any real trick to styling them–I’ve done them a bunch of ways–with a plaid blazer, with a chunky black belt and leather jacket, with colored tights. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours Cait!

    • Robin your plaid blazer idea is perfection… now all I need is a plaid blazer! I think I have such a hard time wearing it because I’ve never really work yellow before. I’ll be reading back through your posts for inspiration ASAP.

  3. I’d go all black and let the yellow pop. Then again, my style is pretty costumey, so I don’t mind looking like a bumblebee. That said, I think a consistent color palette, even if it’s not black, works well with brights. Here’s one of my favorite examples:

    • I must admit Skye I was worried I’d end up looking like a bumblebee but I think black is my best pairing option. I love the post you shared, her red Scottie Dog bag is adorable!

  4. I styled mine with shades of blue! You can check it out here.. Yellow is one of those colors that looks great with a lot of other bright colors.

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