impractically perfect

Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Burton Women's Sweater, Off the shoulder sweater, ALDO Heels, Sweater: Burton, Belt: Pac Sun, Jeans: Gap, Heels: ALDO (similar here)Wore Out, Vermont Fashion, Burton Women's Sweater, Off the shoulder sweater, ALDO Heels, Just because I wear snow boots on my walk to work doesn’t mean I have to wear them once I get to work… or for quick trips to the mailbox. Not even Vermont’s winter weather could send my shoe collection into hibernation. These bold patterned ALDO heels might not be practical in the snow but they sure do brighten up a grey day.

what bold accessories have you been wearing this winter?


15 responses to “impractically perfect

  1. Love that gorgeous and cozy sweater!

    Pearls & Paws

  2. Your hair and that sweater are perfect. And I LOVE those shoes! They give the outfit just the zing it needs. My boyfriend has already had a “talk” with me about wearing impractical shoes in the winter. Which I of course ignore. 🙂

    • Oh my gosh Catherine, I am so glad that I’m not the only one who got the “safe and smart shoe choices” speech! I’ll think of you as I skate along the sidewalks in my cute but slick riding boots!

  3. I like those bright shoes! My snow boots don’t snow up on my blog, but I wear them a lot.

    • I don’t think my snow boots have made it on the blog Becky, I guess I live a bit of a double life when it comes to shoes.

  4. You have the most gorgeous hair color!

  5. I love your sweater, and those shoes are too fabulous!! Love this outfit!

    • This sweater was a great find at the Burton sale almost 5 summers ago, Meredith. Love when you find a piece that can withstand the test of time.

  6. hahaha, for sure! Those heels are gorgeous. And that sweater is so beautiful against your lovely hair!

  7. you are rocking those heels! And your hair color is absolutely stunning!!


  8. That sweater is amazing and I love how you styled it! xo, Julie

  9. impractical yes, but totally adorable!
    love the heels and the big cozy sweater!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

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