Weekend Mindset

Earlier this week when D suggested we go snowshoeing near Mt. Mansfield I quickly agreed. The weather looked beautiful, the mid 30’s feels like Florida after yesterday’s blisteringly cold temps, and I was excited to take pictures after all the snow we’ve had.

I imagined us leisurely tromping about, enjoying the beautiful scenery, possibly sipping off a brandy filled flask… the perfect New England afternoon, straight out of a 1950’s LL Bean ad.
Wore Out, Vermont Life and Style Blog, Vintage Winter, Winter in New England, Vermont Winter Sports, Snowshoeing, Snowshoeing in Vermont, Snowshoe running,

It wasn’t until D mentioned snow pants that I realized I had no idea what I’d gotten myself into. D’s idea of snowshoeing required a lot less Americana and a lot more activity. Wore Out, Vermont Life and Style Blog, Vintage Winter, Winter in New England, Vermont Winter Sports, Snowshoeing, Snowshoeing in Vermont, Snowshoe running,The leisurely stroll on groomed trails I’d imagined were replaced with talks of back country, snowshoe hiking. An activity that would most definitely require snow pants, sweating, and granola bars. Clearly I’m in over my head but I’m optimistic and still plan on packing the flask.

How is your weekend shaping up?

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12 responses to “Weekend Mindset

  1. Hahah, sounds so fun though and I’m sure you’re up to it! I’m doing the whole cutsy winter thing this weekend and going ice skating!
    xo Annie

    • Annie, I’m glad I’m not the only New England girl trying to turn the winter gloom into a little winter glam! I’ll keep you posted on how my snowshoeing adventures works out, have fun skating!

  2. yes. the flask is a certain necessity!

    • Glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks a little whiskey or burbon is the perfect winter sport accessory Corey!

  3. LL Bean still continues their tradition of super cute snowshoe ads. They have fantastic patterned snowshoes online. And to find colorful snow pants to match, check out Patagonia… Having just recently relocated to Vermont, I’ve been looking into fashionable cold weather gear!

    • Ooh great tips Katrina! I’m hoping to find a pair in the kids/juniors section so that I wont have to shell out too much cash since I don’t anticipate wearing them too much.

  4. I have seen reasonable priced, simple black ski pants at Marshalls and in most thrift stores you can find super colorful 1980s gear. I guess in Shalom Shuk I even saw a tight 1970s style ski suit in navy.
    I went snowshoeing in jeans and it was fine. I had waterproof boots until the knee and I climbed up (small) frozen waterfalls, through deep snow etc. it was a guided tour, which was perfect for me 🙂

    • Thea, I looked for them a few places and after seeing how expensive they were I decided I’d be alright without snow pants after all. I ended up wearing leggings under fleece pants and was plenty warm and dry, even after falling into a deep snowbank. I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for snow pants on my upcoming thrifting adventures for sure!

  5. Have fun! Hope you have a great time snowshoeing!



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