A New Perspective

Wore Out, Vintage Sunglasses, Green Sunglasses, &0's Sunglasses, Stress, Finding a New Perspective, You know those days where you’re sure the world is conspiring against you and there’s an ever present black cloud hanging over you? Where it feels like you’re trying to swim against the current and the harder you try the further back you get pushed?  Well yesterday was one of those days for me and boy was it tough. Really tough.

Today however is a new day and it requires my favorite vintage sunnies*. Since yesterday’s dark cloud has lifted it’s been a lot brighter and easier for me to see everything I have to be thankful for.

How do you cope with bad/stressful days?

*vintage sunnies were a gift from a friend’s grandmother

5 responses to “A New Perspective

  1. We all do have those days for sure!! I myself just take a deep breath and think we all struggle on a day to day basis with our own character defects.But like you say,the next day is always better.Its normal to feel those feelings.Life for sure has it’s bumps in the road.

  2. I love these! Such relevant post for such a stressful time of year. Thanks darlin 😉

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