Figuring it out

Dollar Store Sunnies, Hat: Downtown Threads, Ya Poncho: Stella Mae, Ralph Lauren Polo, Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Ankle Boots: Old Navy

It’s somewhat sad that it took close to twenty years for me to make peace with my hair. Figuring out the magic formula of products, tools, and techniques was a major breakthrough; it’s all about minimizing the frizz and maximize the curl.

My love for hats stems directly from my hair acceptance. I used to avoid hats because my hair was so big (think Troy Polamalu wearing a helmet)  but now that my hair is under control I’m free to explore all my hat options. So far this vintage, felt hat from Downtown Threads (here, here & here) is steadfast favorite.

What’s you’re hair story?


15 responses to “Figuring it out

  1. Omg..are you kidding? Your hair is GORGEOUS! When you have flat, limp hair like mine, you’re doing everything you can to achieve what you have…volume and waves. Oh and I’ve been trying on hats like that every time I go shopping but I don’t know if I can pull it off in my everyday life. Have you been getting a lot of use out of yours?


    • Thank you so much Jiye, I guess we’ll always want what we don’t have since I spend a lot of time and money trying to get flat hair! I actually get a lot of wear out of my hats (though admittedly I have too many). I wear them a lot in the Fall/Spring when it’s too warm to wear a winter hat but cold enough to make it hat weather. I wear them a lot on the weekend too, they’re perfect for rolling out of bed and running errands without having to do my hair.

  2. i think you have gorgeous hair. mine is fine and half straight, half curly, so i think the grass is always greener! i love your boho vintage vibe with this outfit!

  3. That cape is so cute and looks super comfy. I think your hair is so pretty!! I battle with mine on a daily basis.

    • Thank you for stopping by Sharon! This cape was one of my favorite fall purchases because it’s cozy but not frumpy at all.

  4. your hair is so glorious. i also have super thick wavy hair…but have yet to find the winning product combination to achieve its best natural look. i did straighten it last night (first time in months..) so that should last me a good week or so…;)

    are you a Moroccan oil user?

    • Andrea, I swear we were separated at birth (ps how white knuckle was Tim during the game last night?) I thought D was going to have a heart attack! I use Moroccan Oil on my wet hair and then run a thick comb through my hair before hitting it with the blow dryer and round brush until it’s not soaking wet. Then I just twist it into a top knot and let it dry on it’s own. If I’m going to straighten it I use the Moroccan Oil and add flat iron balm as well. To tame frizz when I straighten I spray a little hair spray on a brush and run it through my hair.

  5. That poncho look so cozy…love it!!

  6. the poncho looks so so cozy!!! love!!!! xO!

  7. I love your poncho! My hair story…hmmm, too long for the comment section lol, but I am embracing my natural hair and tightly curly texture and it is growing big, long and as healthy as ever. I stopped fighting it and made peace! Your hair looks gorgeous, btw…gotta love a luscious-maned red head!


    • Jaz, it wasn’t until I grew my hair out long again that I’ve figured out how to deal with my curls. The longer my hair is the more manageable my curls are.

  8. I love hats and you look great in them. I’m posting about them tomorrow and how important it is to wear a hat with confidence. You’re owning it!

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