Everyday Costumes

Frimoo Glasses, Vintage Bow Tie (from my Grandfather), Lands End Cardigan: Savers, Blouse: Ralph Lauren, Jeans: Levi’s, Ring: Florence, Jessica Simpson Booties: MarshallsI wore this outfit to the office on Halloween; new glasses, a new to me bow tie, and my favorite peep toe booties. When a coworker poked fun at my professorial “geek chic” non-costume costume another replied “think about it, Caitlin dresses up every day, give her a day off.”

At first this comment freaked me out; do I look like I’m going to a costume party the other 364 days of the year, but I realized that I do sort of dress up everyday, be it channeling my inner diva or English professor.

Truth be told the only real reason I went the “geek chic” route for Halloween was so I could wear my new glasses from Firmoo*. I’ve been looking to get a second pair of glasses for a while (I already have this chunky black pair) so when I saw Firmoo’s “First Pair Free” deal I couldn’t resist.

I knew I wanted brown glasses and something about these frames reminded me of Tess in Working Girl, so my choice was pretty easy. I am already considering buying a pair of sunglasses… and maybe a third pair of glasses.

where have you had luck with buying glasses online?

*while my frames were free the views expressed are unbias and my own

27 responses to “Everyday Costumes

  1. adorable!!! you should wear glasses . . . like always!!!
    plus those booties are rocking!!!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

    • Cait & Val, you two are wonderful! I actually wear glasses a lot more than is represented on my blog so I may have to start wearing them in posts more.

  2. I like the new glasses!

  3. I LOVE your booties!!

  4. Oh jeez! I bet they meant it in a good way. I love this geek chic look on you Cait! The glasses and bowtie are super cute!

    • Haha, I think he meant it in a nice way too but it still made me pause and think about it a bit. I say what I think and wear what I want.

  5. I think you look great. I would take it as a compliment – life is short, why not love what you wear? 🙂

  6. Ummm, can you be any cuter? This is just so perfect. I would look like an asshat in a bowtie, but you pull it off perfectly!

  7. oh I totally think this is an adorable outfit!!! What better excuse to wear those fabulous specs!

    • Thanks Laura, the more I wear them the more I’m loving these specs. You’ll be seeing them on the blog a lot more frequently.

  8. Awww how cute are you?! I love the “costume” because it is so cute anyway that I would wear it anytime 🙂

    • That’s exactly what I was going for Rachel! I am definitely going to try and wear bow ties a lot more, they’re just so fun!

  9. My brothers joke that I dress wear costumes, not outfits, and they totally mean it as a compliment. If they didn’t, I’d beat em up.

    I love this outfit! It made me remember that I have a few bow ties packed away that I need to add to the rotation!

    • I’d love to see how you style bow ties Lora, break em out and we’ll do a bow tie link up or just wear them on the same day… that’s cool right?

  10. How cute!! I love the glasses and the bow tie!!

  11. The bow-tie! Eekkk, I love it, it is just insanely adorable with the blazer and button up, very masculine cool. (And those boots are just to die for, I really like the slouchy fit.) I think this is my favorite of your outfits, you really pull off the masculine style.

    • I’ve been having fun experimenting with the whole menswear/androgynous vibe recently. It’s a side of my style that I’ve never really explored before

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