Rusty Redhead

Knit Hat: Downtown Threads, Gifted Scarf, Silence + Noise Blazer: UO, Denim Shirt: Walmart, Pants: Gap, Bamboo Ankle Boots

I wasn’t a huge fan of this outfit (a look clearly better in theory than practice) but I loved the photo above. It’s not particularly flattering or in focus but it finally helped me figure out what color hair I have.

Obviously I’m a redhead, but my hair isn’t really red and it definitely isn’t orange. While I know this is a completely frivolous issue it comes up more often than you’d think. My driver’s ed teacher listed my hair as “orange” on my permit  and I can clearly remember when the woman processing my visa at the Italian Consulate  had to call a supervisor over to ask what color my hair should be listed as on my paperwork.

So just to set the record straight and for my own peace of mind my hair is rust colored. And if rust wont suffice I can always go back be being a red… or orange head.

What color do you consider your hair?


8 responses to “Rusty Redhead

  1. Ugh…they wrote orange!? I wouldn’t even consider Conan as orange. Non-redheads just don’t understand. Interesting that Vermont/Maine(?) requires that on a license! I love your deep rust red color! Good name for it!

    I usually get strawberry blonde. Yet I was called Shawn White once. (a dark day indeed).

    • Andrea… someone called you Shawn White?! Were they on mind altering medication(s)? That’s even worse than being called Carrot Top (which I was). I agree that folks who aren’t redheads just don’t understand these things, we’re such a unique sub-culture, haha!

  2. Good call. I love your hair color 🙂 I like to refer to mine as platinum blonde 🙂

  3. Really??? That’s crazy! I love your hair color and I think that rust is the perfect name for it!

  4. My hair is definitely brown. I have been a redhead a couple of times, but it fades a little too quickly.

  5. Orange? More like a vivid, bright red with warm tones. I’m naturally dark brown but I love you redheads! You’re hair is such a gorgeous color and I love how much bounce it has, you make those beanie hats look cute! (And I actually quite like this outfit, it’s very cute and laid back and looks perfect for a active day.)

    • I would have pegged you for a natural redhead Katie! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my rusty orange hair!

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