if Boy George had a red headed half sister…

…I suspect she’d look a bit like me in this hat 

Dollar Store Sunnies, Hat & Blazer: Shalom Shuk, Denim Shirt: Walmart, Knit: TJ Maxx, Jeans: GAP, Bronx Boots: Stella Mae, Ring: MontrealThe graphic floral print J.Crew jacket and vintage felt hat, with the original owner’s name sewn into the lining, are both from a recent trip to Shalom Shuk and I snagged these new (oxblood, maroon, insert your preferred name for this shade of dark red) leather Bronx Boots on sale at Stella Mae.

What exciting wardrobe additions have you been making? *bonus points if they make you look oddly like an 80s celebrity… and you send me a picture* 


22 responses to “if Boy George had a red headed half sister…

  1. I remember when that jacket was for sale!! LOVE it – from far away it totally looks like camo. You are the best thrifter!

  2. Love the second shot.

  3. Girl I love your style! Love that hat, and those boots!

  4. That jacket is fabulous…what a great print.. A fancier alternative to cammo.

  5. LOL! Great title. Mostly I’ve been revamping my old waredrobe items, but I could really use some new boots for winter.

  6. THOSE BOOTS. ohmahgawd

    • Andrea I’m sorry I didn’t see your comments earlier, I was out of town and completely unplugged Fri – Monday morning! You should look into Bronx boots, they’re all leather and totally affordable! I hope you had a relaxing weekend in Maine (I was home in York, Maine for a few hours this weekend and would have loved to have ran into you!)

  7. also, going to Maine this weekend…we are stopping in Ogunquit, as that is the only place in Maine we’ve been before, but any suggestions for other towns/places to visit? also didn’t know the proper venue to ask you this. ha. perhaps email might have been better

  8. Your pictures are beautiful & I really like how you layered your outfit you look wonderful!

    • I am always wearing layers since I’m usually freezing! Thank you so much for your sweet comments and thank you so much for reading Wore Out!

  9. Wonderful look! I really want your jacket, the cardigan, the ring, the boots….. and goooooo onnnnn! Woaah! It look soo fabulous on you! Thank you for sharing!!! x

  10. Amazing outfit, and posing! Love your hair! 🙂
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog again!

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