Pink and Purple

Dollar Store Sunnies, Oversized Knit: Shalom Shuk, Dress: Banana Republic, Tights: The Sox Market, Mom’s Frye BootsIn terms of color palettes it doesn’t get much better for me than this look. I was surprised that my pale pink oversized knit, floral dress, purple tights and vintage Frye Boots created such an autumnal outfit (originally I was worried it would be too girly). The light pink of my thrifted cardigan kept the look light and I loved the rich eggplant color of the tights against my boots (a beloved hand me down from my mom).

what colors are you injecting into your fall wardrobe?


8 responses to “Pink and Purple

  1. Hey 🙂 your dress is gorgeous and I love that pallet of colors… This is funny: while I was thinking: «what I’ll gonna wear today? It’s raining but I’m not in a winter mood…» Then I receive the email of your post in my box, and I did an adaptation of your gorgeous outfit! So, my dear, thank u so much for this great inspiration.

  2. I love your dress, boots and cardigan. This is a great combo–perfect for fall and not too girly at all!

  3. Gorgeous color Palette. I love the burgundy tights with those boots.

  4. This is a really pretty fall look. Adding the burgundy tights and those boots just really made the whole look. I love all colors, but I have been gravitating towards gray lately for some reason. Heather

  5. A very pretty dress that hits you at all the right places!

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