A Mustard Moment

Jacket: made by D’s grandmother when she was my age, Scarf: ship gift shop, Mustard Corduroys: Target, Boots: Italy

Summer was over in the blink of an eye, I sneezed and September was gone, and now I’m staring mid October in the face wondering where the heck fall went. I’ve never been busier both professionally and with my passion project (the little slice of the internet you’re reading now) and it feels great. But… (you could sense the ‘but’ coming couldn’t you) sometimes it feels even better to unplug, stop, and enjoy a beautiful Burlington sunset.

how do you find balance in your busy life?

13 responses to “A Mustard Moment

  1. If you are gonna have a color moment, might as well be mustard. I just bought those pants in yellow (err… mustard) and red too. They are so soft and comfy.

    Don’t blink again… winter is coming… 😉

  2. i adore your outfit! so chic!! i can’t help but think of an hermes editorial!!

  3. That jacket is really cute, and it is great that it is handmade.

    • Thanks Becky, I love that it was made by my boyfriend’s grandmother and that there are photos of her wearing it when she was my age. I feel so lucky to have it.

  4. I totally agree…sometimes you just have to unplug and step away from it all. Gorgeous photos, and I love the mustard colors!

    • Glad I’m not the only one who gets burned out Meredith! Unplugging and stepping away from everything even for just a few hours makes such a big difference.

  5. Oh wow, the combination of the plaid coat and the mustard yellow pants is fantastic! It’s a fun and unexpected combination. The lighting is pretty stellar as well, it gives such a mysterious and wistful-ness mood to your photos.

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