Standard Weekend Wear

Dollar Store Sunnies, Hat: UO, Jacket: Wilsons Leather, Gifted Scarf, Tee: Target, Boyfriend Jeans: Levi’s, ConverseFor me a great weekend involves good food, good wine, time with friends, and a chance to get outside and play. Similarly a great weekend outfit should be comfortable, versatile, and as classic as it is effortless (it is the weekend after all).

In my world nothing requires less effort than slouchy boyfriend jeans and a white tee. The knit topper, moto jacket, and pop of pink lipstick give this staple look a fresh twist. The converse are not only practical for busy weekends but they’re stylish enough for an impromptu coffee or brunch date.

what’s you’re perfect weekend outfit?

11 responses to “Standard Weekend Wear

  1. BADASS. you look awesome!!

    thank god the bills won.

  2. this is the perfect styling of a casual outfit. absolutely love how you look! xx

  3. You pull off this look perfect!! Love it!


  4. I love this outfit! The boyfriend jeans and leather look so perfect together!! You look fantastic!

    • I always try to pair something a bit sexier/edgier with my slouchy boyfriend jeans since they unfortunately make me look a bit bottom heavy.

  5. Great look! The leather jacket is the perfect cover up!


  6. this is a great casual look for the weekend. a beanie can provide the perfect touch!

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