Desert Boots

Jacket: Ann Taylor, Vintage Dress (formerly a maxi dress last seen here): Downtown Threads, DIY Charm Bracelet, Boots: Target

Now that it’s almost two feet shorter I am loving this dress. It was too a bit much yellow for me as a maxi dress so this length is perfect. Somehow these boots found their way into my shopping cart during a trip to Target for contact solution (am I the only one this happens to?) and while they’re a much cheaper version of the Steve Madden Boots I’ve been on the fence about buying for quite some time, they’re pretty great in their own right.

What money saving fashion substitutions have you made lately?

17 responses to “Desert Boots

  1. this happens to me at target every. single. time.

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me Andrea! I go into target for two things and then $100 later I’m leaving, arms loaded with bags full of clothes and accessories!

  2. welp. and now i’m on the target website looking at theses boots.

    • YES! They are so comfortable and after I sprayed them with suede protector they held up to some serious rain storms no problem.

  3. and now they’re in my cart with another pair of boots. curse you target.

    that was the last comment, i swear

    • Ahh! What second pair did you buy?! I’m going home to Maine in a few weeks and I’ve already started saving money away for my trip to target!

  4. Oh Target, it’s impossible to go in there without spending at least $100 (on shoes and clothes). I feel your pain. But I can see why you got those boots – they’re fabulous!

  5. OMG those boots are too cool! What a great Target find! They look awesome with this dress, and I know they would look fabulous with skinny jeans too! Love it!

    • I know I had to pinch myself when I found them, the boyfriend was also a bit embarrassed by the happy dance I did in the shoe isle

  6. I love the yellow and red combo here Cait! And those boots are A-MAZING!!! Can’t believe they are from Target. I think I was coveting the same SM boots earlier this year too. These are a great substitute. I am slowly being banned from going to Target to pick up my son’s prescriptions for the same reasons. Woops!

  7. i have these boots, too! i also “accidentally” bought them! i love them. i have yet to wear them with a dress, but after seeing this outfit, i am going to have to try it!

    • Don’t you just love accidental purchases?! I’ve been thinking about pairing these boots with mustard yellow cords but I’m not sure if it will be too matchy-matchy, I’ll be scouting out your blog to see how you wear them!

  8. Target is a dangerous place….I have been thinking about getting those booties. Love how you styled them with the fun yellow dress!

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