midday chiffon

Sunnies and Sheer Blouse: Downtown Threads, Khakis: Gap, Booties: Forever 21

I’ve had this this sheer blush blouse for less than a week and it’s already been a game changer. I scooped it up at Downtown Threads (though it’s originally Forever 21) last week. I was uncomfortable in and unhappy with the outfit I’d thrown on that morning so I stopped by Downtown Threads on my lunch break; bought this shirt and then insisted that James take photograph me in my new “blush blouse” in the alley behind the store.

So a huge thank you to Caro and James of Downtown Threads for not judging me on the frequency of these midday outfit changes and for not being creeped out when I try to coax you into alleys with my camera.

Do you ever change your outfit midday?

13 responses to “midday chiffon

  1. this story is too funny, but i love this top!

    xx amy
    Leopard and Lillies

  2. I love this pretty flowy blouse! Man I wish I could go to your Downtown Threads store! You get the best stuff from there!

    • Downtown Threads is one of my favorite haunts (as if you couldn’t tell by how many of their pieces I post about!) if you ever visit VT Robin I’ll take you there!

  3. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who does this. Well, if you’re not comfortable, you have to change, right? And in this case, it worked out really well – those two colours are perfect together!

    • Yes Amber! I change more midday more often than I care to admit and the best part is that most of the time my coworkers don’t even notice!

  4. Such a great blouse! Love it!

  5. I love these colors together! And I love those shoes!! Love that you did an outfit change. Ha new clothes are the best!

  6. These colors are perfection on you! Love that blouse with your hair and those booties are too cute!


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