sustainable seamed

Dollar Store Sunnies, Mock Turtleneck: Boutique in Georgia, Leopard Belt & Pumps: Target, Seamed Pendleton Wool Trousers: The Bobbin Slow Fashion and Sustainable Design The years I spent struggling to find flattering pants in poorly lit dressing rooms faded away as soon as I stepped into these seamed Pendleton wool trousers made by Gyllian Svensson of  The Bobbin Slow Fashion & Sustainable Design.

Made with Pendleton wool (from Gyllian’s private fabric stash) and lined with yellow and white checked cotton these cropped trousers are perfection. They hug all the right places (thanks to Gyllian’s amazing design) and are much more  versatile than I originally imagined. I love the fit and plan to wear them with everything from booties to boots well into the fall and beyond.

What game changing pieces did you add to your closet this fall?

all photos taken by Julie Howk Photography – find Julie on Facebook


16 responses to “sustainable seamed

  1. Oooooooo you look like you just off the glamorous set of mad men! you are stylin’

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

    • I know I’m terrible for not having watched a single episode of Madmen but whenever I wear this mock turtleneck I can’t help but feel just a bit 50’s and 60’s!

  2. What amazing trousers cait! I loooove them! This is a great fall look!

    • Thanks Robin, I originally wore them in a local fashion show but once I had them on there was no way I was going to give them back! I love that they’re locally and sustainably made but have such a vintage vibe.

  3. Holy amazing, I LOVE this look! You look like an old movie star – I LOVE your hair up like that! Dangit I wish I could rock high-waisted pants with a shirt tucked in like you can!

    • You are too sweet Catherine, I had a hard time pulling off the whole pony-tail look (I either look like I just came from the gym or like a valley girl) so I’m glad you think it worked.

  4. I love this outfit! the turtle neck is so flattering on you and those pants are adorable! x

  5. These look so awesome on you! And they are so unique! You look super chic in them.

  6. Those trousers are awesome – love the mix with leopard!

  7. uau absolutely gorgeous! You look like a 60’s beauty 🙂 xx

  8. I am so totally “pinning” this. : ) Very 60s chic, as other commenters have said–but in the completely wearable way, not in the weird costume-ish way. You look like a really cool Mad Men extra, like one of Peggy’s really hip friends.

    • ooh well thank you so much, that is a huge compliment. The pants were designed by local designer Gyllian of The Bobbin!

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