Color Coordinating is the new Dewey Decimal

Looking for a chic and simple way to organize all the new books you picked up at the Burlington Book FestivalI grew up surrounded by books so it’s not surprising that there are piles of them stacked (albeit inconspicuously) throughout our apartment. Recently I was looking for a way to make the small book shelf in our living room look more organized and I kept coming back to the idea of color coordination. Grouping books by color turns practical shelves into a fashionable focal point that’s the perfect place to display unique pieces like pictures, small statues, or trinkets.

How do you keep your books organized?


6 responses to “Color Coordinating is the new Dewey Decimal

  1. Ooh! I wish I had that many fun and fabulous books – specifically coffee table books!

    • Jess I found that Goodwill has an amazing collection of coffee table and cook books and they’re all usually under $5, check it out next time you’re there!

  2. wow. i love this!!!

    • Thanks Andrea, if you give it a try send me a pic! I hope your other half is as happy with the outcome of this weekends Bills game as mine is!

  3. Trinkets?!? You?!? No. 🙂

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