Fashion Forecast; Sunny and oh so Fair!

While I’m still trying to soak up as much summer sun as I can, signs of fall are everywhere, heck AC Moore already has HOLIDAY decorations up! My feelings on premature holiday decorations aside, one of my favorite signs of fall is the Champlain Valley Fair. Here are my fair worthy wardrobe selections along with a word to the wise… close toe shoes are a MUST, boots are best.



The Champlain Valley Fair kicks off tomorrow, Aug 25th, and runs through September 3rd. There are tons of great events happening every day so make sure you take a peek at their website for all the details.

What signs of fall have you been seeing?

7 responses to “Fashion Forecast; Sunny and oh so Fair!

  1. Shut the front door, I JUST ordered this letterman for myself literally right before I got your post email I’m beginning to think we think TOO much alike.

  2. We’ve barely had a summer in the UK so we’re already pretty much dressing for fall! Love your picks, especially the aztec shorts and collar necklace!

    • I’m not sure if I like dressing for summer of fall more Helen, it’s a toss up! Hopefully some warm sunny weather will reach you soon!

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