Seasonal Shifts in Style

Gifted Earrings, Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Goodwill, Peeptoes: UO, Gifted Bracelet, Bag: Bahamian Straw MarketI wasn’t sure how this light airy dress would pair with such a substantial pair of peeptoes but I think they complimented each other perfectly. I found these shoes in the Urban Outfitters clearance section and scooped up this bright green mullet dress at XXI the last time D and I were in Montreal. I think both of these pieces will be easy to transition into the fall with minimal tweaks. I can’t wait to pair this dress with combat boots and a classic black blazer and I think these peeptoes will be perfect with skinny cargos and a chunky knit as the temperatures cool off.

I know that fashion is all about looking ahead but what the heck is wrong with enjoying the now? I feel like I’ve finally rounded out the perfect summer wardrobe and now it’s on to fall. My goal for the month of August is to get as much life out of my summer threads as possible and to stop buying clothes for fall until fall actually gets here… I’ll let you know how that goes…

Have you started to look forward to fall fashions or are you content to enjoy the dog days of summer styles?


11 responses to “Seasonal Shifts in Style

  1. I am over the heat and humidity – bring on blazers and scarves!! Such a beautiful color on you – that dress is perfection with your hair! Perfect shade of green.

    • I’m starting to feel the same way Catherine, I want the chill of fall air and the sound of leaves underfoot. Not to mention all of the amazing fall layers pieces I purchased over the summer. I guess the grass is always greener.

    • Thank you Amy, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to wear this dress a lot because it was so formal but the more I wear it the more I realize how versatile it really is.

  2. I agree! I want to enjoy my summer clothes as long as I can.

    You look great in this color!

  3. I am definitely looking forward to fall fashion. I am tired of the summer heat!

    • I’m looking forward to a break from the humidity and heat too Rebecca, but when someone reminded me that in less than three months there will likely be snow flying I’ve decided to do my best to enjoy the sunshine while I can.

  4. LOVE this and totally agree with you on building a wardrobe and then the seasons change. Although, being in New Orleans for the summer, I’m a bit ready for Fall! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and I look forward to keeping up with yours!

    • I’m going to be taking notes of your wardrobe Amanda, the BF and I hope to spend a week in New Orleans in April! I’ll be harassing you for insider thrifting and dining tips!

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