Fashion Forecast; Scattered showers & shows

When life hands you lemons you make lemonade. When there’s an 80% chance of rain both nights you have tickets to amazing (outdoor) shows on the Burlington waterfront you do like Kate & Sienna; rock on, err… out in style.

raincoat/sunnies/bag/studded leggings/boots/tunic

top/shorts/hooded vest/denim bag/wellies/necklace

What would you wear to see your favorite bands play a rainy outdoor concert?

source: kate moss/sienna miller


4 responses to “Fashion Forecast; Scattered showers & shows

  1. Oooo! We had the lollapalooza concert in Chicago last weekend and on Saturday it poured and stormed so heavily that the attendees had to be evacuated. Kate looks fab in rain or shine.

    • I’ve always wanted to check out lollapalooza, I’ve heard it’s an amazing event. Hopefully we’ll just have to deal with rain, I would be so bummed if it started to storm and it got canceled.

  2. I’ll see you there! Drowned rat and all!

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