What to Wear to the Polls with Corey of Call Me Brazen Vintage

While I’m hiding under a massive sun hat soaking up the sun on the beach the lovely Corey of Call Me Brazen Vintage graciously agreed to guest post and I love that she got political!

It’s no secret that it’s an election year. Everywhere you turn political ads and debates have begun to saturate the airwaves. Lately, I’ve been attending a lot of municipal meetings (which are filmed) and writing about them for a local paper. All of these factors combined really have me thinking about what to wear to these events and furthermore, what to wear to the polls in November. I know you’re thinking, “um..that’s still four months away.”. True, but you think Jackie O. waited till the last minute to figure out what she was going to wear? You shouldn’t either.

 Let’s face it: the power suit is dead, which helps make room for much better and more flattering alternatives that don’t involve shoulder pads.

Vintage Autumn Orange Coat: Goodwill, Mod 50s dress & Vintage Satin kitten Heels: Battery Street Jeans, Cardigan: Banana Republic (gifted), Black Patent Belt: Clothing Line

As you stride into the voting booth, you’ll be armed not only with confidence in your candidate choices, but also in your striking ensemble.  Now it’s time to toss that stylish trench over your arm and traverse to your favorite local spot to await the results with your friends and vino.


2 responses to “What to Wear to the Polls with Corey of Call Me Brazen Vintage

  1. such a great dress! and i love the trench. so fun in a bright color!!!


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