Patio Picnics

Picnic Season is in full swing and with so many amazing picnicking events  happening all over Vermont this summer it’s time to get packing.East Shore Vineyards (ESV) takes all the work out of picnic planning with ready-made baskets (that come with two bottles of wine) and a la carte picnic menu that lets you pick and choose from an extensive list of local goodies such as Vermont Smoke and Cure summer sausage, locally baked crisps, and a wide variety of Vermont cheeses.  ESV will happily pack one of their beautiful picnic baskets for you to take with you or if you would prefer you can enjoy an a la carte picnic on their patio. My good friend Nicole and I decided to do the later and enjoyed a few glasses of wine and mini picnic feast on the ESV patio.

Anna from ESV (pictured pouring above) happily answered all of our questions about cheese and wine pairings and was gracious enough to snap a few photos of Nicole and I on the ESV patio.

don’t worry mom, the bottles on the table were for pouring purposes only, we didn’t drink them both… … even though we were tempted

 Where are your favorite picnicking spots? What summer festivities are you planning on packing a picnic for?


One response to “Patio Picnics

  1. Looks like so much fun. Drink up, ladies!

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