Tastes of Style at East Shore Vineyards

Have you been to the East Shore Vineyard (ESV) tasting room on Church Street? I must have walked past it a dozen times before I finally made it in last week and now I can’t stop raving about it or the Vermont wines I tasted; particularly the Louise Swenson… but more about that later.

The ESV tasting room on upper Church Street is welcoming and perfect for all palettes. For the wine connoisseur the East Shore Vineyard staff is beyond knowledgeable and will excitedly talk wine with you as long as you’ll listen. Similarly those just looking to let loose after a long week (or day) will find the ESV patio as the perfect to relax and unwind. From appropriate pairings to a timeless hostess gift the staff at ESV will help you find the perfect bottle.

Not sure what your looking for? Intimidated by the etiquette that surrounds wine tasting? Don’t be! Wine tasting like a lot like shopping. The more clothes and accessories you try out the more you learn about your personal style. Similarly trying a variety of wines will help you refine your palette and figure out what tastes your like. Here are a few of the East Shore Vineyard wines I sampled and their fashion counterparts.

Louise Swenson; think of this “easy drinking white wine” as your classic summer trench. Perfect for early summer nights, casual yet smart, and great with just about anything.

Frontenac Rosé: “bold” for a rosé this “lively and flavorful” wine has strong cherry notes and is as complex as it is classic, reminding me of a great leopard print bag. A neutral compliment but bold enough to carry an outfit or in the case of this rosé a meal.

Traminette: Vermont’s best wine in 2011 this “spicy & slightly sweet” white is the perfect compliment to summer date night (especially one with an Asian inspired menu). Date nights call for a fuss free summer dress that’s light and while keeping things interesting like this bottle of Traminette.

Lacrescent: perfect for a last minute wedding or hostess gift, this sweet white wine is delicious served with, or as dessert, and like a stunning lace top is perfect for your next summer party.

Summer Snow: “captures the essence of summer,” tastes like sweet sundrops (in my humble opinion), and is as essential to a successful summer gathering as a great maxi dress is to a summer wardrobe.

Like finding your own style, refining your palette should be about trying new things, having fun, and ultimately following your own tastes. So start tasting!

East Shore Vineyards is located at 28 Church Street in Burlington, Vermont. Find them on facebook or stop by their tasting room for a sip of true Vermont style. 


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