Hiking in Silk & Chiffon

Gifted Hat, Sunnies & Top: Downtown Threads, Skirt: Kohl’s, Beaded Bracelet: Rome, Ring: Charlotte Russe, Flats: TJ Maxx

I spent many a summer hiking in the White Mountains as a child, mostly it against my will. The only part I enjoyed was fording streams…. and eating mom’s homemade trail mix at the summit. I’m more of a lie on the beach with a book and a drink type than the trek up a mountain type, but every now and again even I enjoy a traipse through the woods…  in chiffon and silk.

Last weekend D and I  spent a gorgeous, albeit toasty, afternoon hiking through Mount Independence  and believe it or not I was beyond comfortable in my easy breezy fabrics and striped canvas flats.

What weekend adventures have you been taking/planning?


10 responses to “Hiking in Silk & Chiffon

  1. Sorry, but hens lay eggs and you enjoy lying on a beach or you like to lie on a beach.

    • Haha thank you for catching my error Nancy! Grammar goes out the window when you’re trying to publish a post at 5am before you’ve even showered!

  2. Is that a skull ring? you look awesome as always and thanks for the tips you gave me.

    • You have an eye for detail Elijah! It’s one of my favorite skull rings, I like to wear it with over the top girly pieces to help find balance.

  3. You had to be the most fashionable hiker out there! I’m totally with you – I hike to my car at the end of the day and that’s about it! 🙂

    • Catherine I think we were meant to be vacation partners. I would much rather relax than trek any day of the week.

  4. Cait you gave me a great idea for when I’m in NYC trekking to the Met and places I need to look appropriate at. I will also be biking to my family’s camp in Ausable but I doubt I’ll be wearing chiffon and silk.

    • I am so jealous of your trip to NYC, I miss the city. You’ll have to give me all the details on what everyone is wearing. I was surprised how comfortable I was in this outfit, I never once felt restricted or like I was inappropriately dressed …though everyone we passed did!

  5. Well, there are enough mountains with streets up to the summit like Mount Philo or take a gondola up Mount Mansfield… enough for the view, but without the work 😉
    We climbed up Camel’s Hump on Saturday and the temperatures were beyond toasty in the woods. Your outfit would have nicely clashed with all the sportswear only approach of the other hikers. – Thea

    • Thea, I wish I took the gondola to the top of Mansfield! Last summer the BF and I hiked Mansfield ridge to ridge and it definitely required athletic wear and hiking boots. I can’t imagine climbing Camel’s Hump in this heat, you’re a trooper. I bet the view at the summit sustained you though!

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