Birds on the Water

Sunglasses: Goodwill, Dress: The Clothes Exchange, Belt: The Possibility Shop, Bag: Rue 21, Pumps: Naughty Monkey (via Stella Mae), Ring: Forever 21This dress was my favorite purchase from The Clothes Exchange. The print is what first caught my eye, the bright blue birds with the golden and red detailing were too much to resit. The dress’s sweetheart neckline and classic silhouette makes me think of the Under the Sea dance from Back to the Future.

It was too treacherous to wear my Naughty Monkey’s on the rocks at Oakledge but I liked the blue birds and red and white check worked together. I was a little worried about the bold patterns clashing but the subtle touches of red in the dress’s pattern and then red belt tied everything together well. In fact I’m thinking this outfit may be perfect for  Fourth of July cocktails on the lake.

What outfits/parties do you have planned this  fourth of July?


19 responses to “Birds on the Water

  1. Giiiiiirl I’m liking them shoes! Seriously, even without the belt the shoes and dress would go. It’s such a beautiful mix. I need to step out of my comfort zone and really start applying the pattern mix to my life.

    • I thought you were already on the pattern mixing band wagon?! Girl get to mixing, I know you have a ton of pattern pieces to play with!

  2. I totally think these patterns work together and LOL at your BTTF reference! I love the print on this dress Cait!

    • Haha I don’t know what’s gotten into me Frannie, but I can’t stop with the throw back references, first Alex Mack and now BTTF!

  3. I really love your dress!! so pretty. these pictures are lovely


  4. I am loving those patterned shoes, and that bird print is really cute.

  5. I love this for a July 4 outfit! The subtle red and blue are perfect – and how clever of you! That is such a gorgeous dress. Loving your hair as usual!

    • Well thank you lovely! I didn’t even think about the whole red, white, and blue aspect until I was uploading the pictures. Funny how that happens!

  6. I love the print on that dress! Looks great on you, and is perfect with those shoes. These pictures make me miss the beach 😦

  7. OH what a perfect and adorable dress! Love the pattern, the non sleeves cut and the match with that lovely shoes! ❤

  8. Oh you know, some kind of tent!!! Love that dress, the print is divine.

  9. love the shoes!

    • Thanks Elijah! The checkers are pretty fun and remind me of a picnic style tablecloth every time I wear them!

  10. ooh, great dress!

  11. What a cool Dress! You look awesome!

    • Thanks Christine, my mom actually bought it for my sister to wear under her graduation gown almost 5 years ago and she never wore it, so the last time I was home I stole it!

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