Printy Pants

Hat: Gifted, Dollar Store SunniesTee shirt & Pants: H&M, Bag: ALDO, Necklace: Dirt Chic, Ring: SZS Designs, Sandals: PaylessThis weekend was beautiful and we made sure to take advantage of the weather with a trip to the farmers market, lots of lounging in the park, drinks on the deck, and grilling out with friends.

When I bought these paisley print pants (last seen here) I was worried that I would wear them once or twice and then they would find their way into the dark depths that is the back of my closet and never see the light of day again. However after wearing them close to half a dozen times I’m still loving their leisurewear vibe and bold print.

Since the pants make such a statement on their own I kept everything else very minimal and light weight. Harem pants can make your bottom half look bigger  so make sure to keep proportions in mind when you plan your outfit and choose accessories. A long or baggy top would add bulk to your frame when paired with these pants but a cropped top or well fitting tee ground the look and help create a more flattering silhouette.

What new silhouettes have you been experimenting with? What pieces would you pair with these paisley pants?


14 responses to “Printy Pants

  1. Oh I’m really loving that print pants! They’re are so colorful and look so comfortable! And I think those pants going so well in that relaxed outfit as on an fancy one with a heels and a clutch! xx

    • You are so right Aletheia! I can’t wait to wear these pants with heels and (in my dreams a black satin bustier) my grey suede heels and a black silk cami.

  2. I love how you styled those fun pants… I would be afraid it would look like I ws wearing my pajamas…but you look fabulous!!

    • Thanks Randi, I’ve styled these pants casually twice but hopefully the third time I share them it will be a dressier look.

  3. What great pants! Love them so much. You look effortless chic.

  4. I love it that you are rocking PRINTED harem pants, no problem!! This is why you rock. Seriously gorgeous!

    • Haha Catherine you are too sweet! I’m really starting to like harem pants, they are just so comfortable! I found brand new light grey, American Apparel high waisted harem pants at a local consignment shop the other day for $6 and I couldn’t resist!

  5. OMG, i loooooooooove those pants! they are sooo fun. i’ve been wanting to try some harem pants but dunno if i could rock them. you obviously do rock ’em!

    • You should give them a try Claire, they’re not as tricky to wear as you think but you MUST try them on, harem pants are a risky online shopping buy!

  6. You are so chic with your phenomenal hair and hat…

  7. Fun! I love a good print! You look very chic!

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